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There's always first time in everything....

This is the first time I am blogging.

I used to blog hop but now I find it interesting to blog myself. I think I will write about all the 'first times' that had happened to me (if I can remember them..)

First time nagged by a doctor
Have u ever been in a situation whereby a doctor nags you for coming in late to a clinic? And you don't even work there? This happened to me yesterday. As I was in the clinic feeling sick and all, I asked the doctor to give me an MC (medical cert) but to my suprise, the doctor nags me for coming in late. First she asked me what time do I start work and what time I finish. When I said 8.30 to 6 pm. She said then why do you come in only at 11??...I was like, what the ****?? She said that you cannot suddenly wake up in the morning and decides to take an MC and comes in late to the clinic. Yada yada yada..blah blah blah..really like an ollllddd lady! (Well, she IS an old lady).

She looks something like this(picture courtesy of Google)

In the end, I told…