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Addictive capsule toy obsession

I am addicted and obsessed with the Japanese capsule toys....Gila sangat sampai beli beratus ratus masa kat jepun dulu. It is crazy considering that I am not that young anymore. The obsession is really, until now.

Vending machine line-up in a Tokyo store- Google picture

In Japan, they have vending machines for almost everything! The things include cigarettes, condoms and hanky. Masa dulu, dah la first time gi Jepun...teruja gila tengok benda ni...Dahla semua benda comel (kawaii) borong capsule sampai tak ingat balik Malaysia. Most of the toys are produced by Bandai, Yuji and include Hello Kitty, Doraemon, An-panman to name a few.

How does it work?...It is easy, just slot in money and walla!...The capsule toy will come pictured below:

How it looks like- Google picture

Now in Malaysia pun dah banyak benda nih. but I have to say it is not as much as in Japan. Anyway, because I am sooo addicted to this, when I came back from Japan, I searched for the exact vending machine in lotsa places but tak jumpa. Last last there's one nearby my old office in Shah Alam but it is not the exact machine but the concept is the same. What attracted me was the picture of the vending machine which shows one of my favourite Sanrio characters...cik Hello Kitty. So I pun masukkan duit and expected the toy capsule will be the one as pictured. But to my astonishment, apa yang keluar?..mainan ntah pape ntah...totally not as advertised on the machine. So what I did was I called up the Company (A**as Vending Machine Sdn. Bhd) and kena scolding baikkk punya. Later I lodged a complaint to the Persatuan Pengguna to ensure that the company kena sikit...Didn't know what happened after that and vowed that never to buy anything from the company's vending machines.

To get you back on track (after the A**as story above), I am now actually starting to buy the capsules again especially in Sg. Wang and The Curve- plus there's Daiso @ The Curve..syok gile tengok benda Jepun. And starting to collect them again (coz I gave some as souvenirs last time). Now my son pulak suka capsule nih!...Ahhhh...kena sorok cepat2 takleh kasi dia main...


Iz said…
mainan yang kat jepun punya, berkualiti tak? sebab rasanya yg mesia punya, macam plastic bodo2 je kan, sekali campak terus bekecai
Almiraz said…
Yes, exactly!...memang best kat sana especially kalau suka barang2 comel!!!...suma benda mesti nak di comelkan..even ATM kad, setem, post office, convenient store to name a few. One day we go there??...hahahah
Iz said…
ATM kad punnnn??? bestnyaaa

jom jom.. sports club kan ada.. hahaha
Almiraz said…
Ye...ATM pon!!!....Jom...!!!