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Car plunged into KTM commuter tracks in Batu Tiga

While I was seriously watching ‘The Taking of Pelham 123’ on my phone, suddenly the Commuter train stopped and moved backwards. A bit annoyed about that because I will be late (again) to work. So I just kept calm and continued watching the movie. Thank god I have something to dwell on while waiting for the train to move forward.

Apparently the train did not stop and just kept on moving backwards, and then it stopped. We waited for almost 30 minutes when another train heading Port Klang passed by. That means these trains can only use one track at a time. As we were on the way to Batu Tiga station, we saw these:

Car plungedCar plunged

Car plunged-nearer Nearer view of the plunged car

Notice the man sitting down wearing the red shirt. He’s probably the driver and he’s lucky that he only had minor injuries. The funny thing is, as I paused my movie, I took a picture of the scene and then I heard people said ’Lets take pictures too’…… So almost everyone took out their phones to capture this moment. Then I said ‘This is a proof that we are late to work today’….The lady beside me agreed and smiled.

As the train passed by the scene. I continued with my train movie, late to work again.