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Häagen Dazs spotlight on ::Royal Monte Carlo::

Have you had Royal Monte Carlo in Häagen Dazs?….Well, this is my first time dining (chewah dining) in Häagen Dazs KLCC. I did not know what to have so I just ordered Royal Monte Carlo; RM25.90 per glass.

Royal Monte Carlo

Looks tempting right? It's chocolate and coffee ice cream, whipped cream and crunchy almond nibs layered in a glass topped with indulgent chocolate sauce and bits of peanuts. The most bottom part of the glass is filled with crispy waffle chips. It’s delicious!…but strictly for chocolate fans only coz when the ice cream melts, the last bit is purely whipped cream + chocolate sauce mixture.

I personally think its fantastic (coz I’m a chocolate lover!) and I love the crispy waffles, but the waffles are too little for me. Maybe I should choose another ice cream with lotsa waffles for my next trip there.

Until next time XOXO.


Iz said…
isk.. ice cream bertingkat-tingkat.. boleh habis ke?

i makan ice cream cornetto or drumstick pun macam payah nak habis.

mini cornetto je boleh habis, hehehe
Almiraz said…
Boleh...sedap!!!....nanti kita gi try ice cream fondue nak tak?...Sports Club nya activity...hehee
Iz said…
sports club ke eating club ni? dari mula beroperasi asik aktiviti makan je, hahaha
Almiraz said…
Eating club via sports club...hahaha
Ah Jo said…
Oh I almost wanted to say: Let's make this the next Sports Club activity. Rupa-rupanya sudah mentioned. LET'S GO!!! So Yummy!!