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~~A Kinokuniya Sunday~~

If you are a Japanese book/magazine/stationeries lover, head down to Kinokuniya KLCC for a stupendous, informative ride (on Japanese reading materials, that is)…..My hubby and I memang giler kan Japanese magazines…even though we do not understand, Japanese magazines show a lot of pictures and they are very detail. As for the language…..well, I know a bit here and there but it’s fading away sebab tak practise….anyway, follow me to Kino? (my son panggil Kino)….

Kinokuniya side entrance Kinokuniya KLCC

When you enter the book store, straight away turn right for a dose of Japanese stationeries,stickers,cards and weird cute stuffs. Normally I would spend like 30 minutes there…….. just to look at them (tak beli pun, kadang2 jer beli…). I really love the colourful and cute stuffs that they offer. Also, if you are a fan of Momiji, sini pun ada collection nya tapi tak banyak la……

Comelsss Some of the cute colourful stationeries for sale

Lepas dah puas kat situ, we will go to the next area; yes, the children’s area. Although their area is not as big as the children’s area in MPH bookstores, at least the children can view the books coz they are not plastic wrapped. Hence, your children can enjoy reading and flipping the pages….i.e have a ‘feel’ of how the books are. When you are satisfied, you can purchase a new one (with plastic wrapped) so, takdelah dapat buku buruk2 kan?….Buku budak2 mahal tuh…..

Buhsan! My son tengah buat muka comel nak pujuk kitorang beli buku yang dia pegang tuh…..

Next, we will proceed to the Japanese magazines area. Ya, di sinilah tempat we all melepak carik buku and magazine best……also, ada catalog magazines where you can search for the items yang memang takde kat Mesia, so just cuci mata jer la yek….

CataloguesCatalog section

This is another section of the magazines. Some of the mags are Cool Trans, Cutie, Steady, and also catalogues such as Kraso. They also have men’s catalogue. I don’t know what is the name but bagus gile magazine tu…. dia tunjuk cara2 nak lipat baju dengan betul, kilat boots dan macam2 lagilah. One more thing, Japanese magazines normally have free gifts inside such as bags, case, make-ups, cute stuffs or just anything!

Buhsan dah niModel dah bosan sebab nak pegi kids section pulak

Ok, so this is the kids’ section. It is not a very big section but my son really knows where to head if we come Kino. As you see in this picture, he is busily taking the Anpan-man books out coz that’s the first thing that I taught him the first time we went Kino sometime ago. I would teach him about Hello Kitty if he was a girl….

Kids Section Japanese kids section

So that’s my story on Kinokuniya. If you decide to buy books or mags here, don’t forget to use your Isetan card to get 10% discount (that is, if you pay by cash only). Oh yeah, you can get a 20% off on another magazine or book if you buy one with a 20% off sticker on it. If you have a Daruma card (see picture below) with complete eyes, you can get 28% discount on one book per month from April to November 2009. So, enjoy!

Daruma Card Daruma Card @ Kinokuniya