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Makan at Rumah Stroberi

Lets go Rumah Stroberi!!! he exclaimed….mesti pergi, mesti pergi. My brother, who had his dinner once here, insisted us to go before we left for home. The journey was all the way ‘machet’ (traffic jam). Seriously, the place is on high terrace and we had to drive up for 40 minutes with an empty stomach!!!….sampai my son muntah2 sebab pening naik bukit….

But, the food here is super delicious!!!…(maybe because we’re hungry??)…….Lets check out the place first…


Front view of the restaurant

Even though there were a lot of people, we managed to grab a place and then ordered. The menu there is strictly ‘Nasi Liwet’ (steamed rice cooked in small pot with a bit of herbs and 'daun salam'-which makes it smells nice). You would have to order the corresponding lauk to enjoy the rice. It could be fish or chicken depending on your appetite. The picture below is the Deep fried fish which we ordered.

Guramek WM Guramek Ikan

Note the small silver pot behind the fish. That’s the ‘Nasi Liwet’ pot and the picture below is the accessories to the menu such as sambal, tempe, tauhu, and some salads and ulams as veggies.

Sambal WM Condiments

There are 2 things you need to remember; first, if you are not a fan of sticky rice, then ‘Nasi Liwet’ would not be appealing to you and secondly, there is no sauce/gravy/kuah to match with your dish. They don’t serve these….but maybe you can have Sup Buntut (ox tail soup) as an alternative.

Of course, the place would not be named as such if there are no Strawberries in view. Yes, the highlight of the makan is the ‘Jus Stroberi’. Deliciously natural with mild ice-blended mix, the drink is superb!!!…It has equal taste of strawberry fructose with a bit of tanginess inside. Yummy to the max!!!

Stro WM Jus Stroberi

So, if you happen to visit Bandung in Indonesia, drop by Rumah Stroberi @ Jalan Cigugur Girang, 45 Parongpong, Lembang Tel: +622291144274 and enjoy ya!


Iz said…
ahhhh.. jus stroberi memang enak bangattttt..

nakkkk nakkkkk
Almiraz said…
Tulapasal!!....sini takde ek?
hehehe.... maaf ya tempo hari pergi ke rumah stroberi kena MACET (traffic jam), kalau pergi hari kerja Insya Allah tak ada macet... kalau ke Bandung lagi boleh pergi ke Rumah Stroberi lagi hehe...
Almiraz said…
Memang mau ke sana lagi!!!!