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Tulip berintikan peanut butter

This is the most exquisite ‘kuih raya’ that I have ever had. It is a tulip shaped crust with peanut butter topped with a tiny cherry inside. It ‘melts in your mouth’ kinda kuih. Look…..


It is not for sale because my mom just suddenly bought it from our relative who did not want to sell or make these. Apparently, it is imperative to have the patience, skills and steady hands to make one piece of this marvelous kuih.


I am so lucky to have the opportunity to eat it as it is so difficult to find this tulips in the market. According to my mom, the seller must wear make up before she can make these beautiful kuih…. (macam orang buat tapai cannot have their period…something like that lah..)….Now, my mom and I are trying to coax the seller to make some more. Nakkkk!!!!!….