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Weekend at Gymboree

'Weekend', the period of time between Friday night to Sunday evening....yes, that's the time that we all have for our family and friends, either to catch up or just for leisure. For me, my weekends selalu kena ada visit to Tropicana City Mall.

Picture from Tropicana City Mall's url

Why? sebab that is the time my son dapat main puas-puas kat Gymboree. We all enrolled him since he was 14 months lagi sampai la sekarang. We started off with the one in Bangsar Village I but currently it becomes congested so for a peace of mind, we transferred to here. Setakat ni Alhamdulillah ok.

As we can see in this picture, he is just enjoying his time here....


Tengok apa tu??...

Most favourite session is the bubble go crazy when they see lots of bubbles in the air...
Bubble time

And then they have parachute session...this is to test the child's confidence....she/he should not be scared when going on or under the parachute coz the adults will always be there for them....

Parachute video

Lepas main jangan lupa, kena mark dengan stamp dulu....(ni saja2 jer...)

Mula2 kat tangan

Pastu kat perut!!!

Some people say that you don't need these to make your children to be intelligent, but for me, this is just one of the ways to make our kids to be more sociable, more articulate and bijak. Wooii kids nowadays are so pandai man!......Lagipun, you can enjoy together with your child and tengok gelagat dia. Ni bukan tempat nursery cannot just leave your child unattended.

And haritu join birthday Areef (mom's name is Ain), my son enjoyed his time so much!...kat situ they provide the cake (comey gilley cake dia siap ada Bob the Builder sand trucks lagi)...errmm..sorry no pictures, masa tu belum ada cameraphone lagi.....pastu ada balloons, goodie bags and foods for kids and adults as well. Most importantly, they give the G-Y-M-B-O experience to all kids yang, that semua rasa how the classes been conducted.

If you wanna know more, contact Jasmine at 03-2284 5602. She is the owner of the franchise.

There's another place where you can just send your kids for main2 i.e. kasi berpeluh's called Kids Sports & Gym (in OU, GE Mall and Bangsar Village I) tapi yang ni if your child is less than 2 years bahaya sikit la sebab you will expect toddlers running around the area like nobody's business (biasala budak2 bila dah main tuh kan...)

Anyhow, kasi budak2 ni seronok jer...


Ah Jo said…
Last time when I was in between jobs, I've been to gymboree for interviews simply because I love kids. But what they offered was just tooo low haha. Well let's just say my expectation was inappropriate. Anyways, I think such gym is so cute and meaningful. I just love kids. But not necessary ready for my own yet. =p
Almiraz said…
Yes, especially when there are a lot of them at the Gymboree...I tend to look at other people's kids too coz they are all adorable and cheeky!