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Cadbury Carnival at Sunway Pyramid~~

‘Here’s to the simple joys in life’. That was the theme for the Cadbury Carnival held in Sunway Pyramid at LG2 from 21-22 November 2009. Simply purchase a minimum of RM10 of any Cadbury chocolates at the Cadbury booth and you will earn 10 points to spend at the carnival.Bunting Attractions for the day, you can read in the picture above. Below are the picture highlights:Chocolate Fondue BoothHorse Shoe Loop ItMy son with a cute clownIt was really a great outing for family especially with the school holidays going on (yay! jalan tak jam…heheh..)…See the crowd here busy colouring their key chains:Busy crowdSome of the happy faces…We didn’t actually play all the games coz we were only out for dinner but my son was extremely happy that he went straight to the stage to shake hands with the two mascots. I was like huh!? then I pun kena naik stage (coz anakku dah panggil2 la pulak….sorry ye adik-adik yang tengah tunggu…)…..After that we got a copy of the picture and some s…

Breakfast at Kluang Rail Coffee™

Never thought that I would be having breakfast in Kluang, Not just any place, it was at Kluang Rail Coffee™. But this is not near the railway station coz it was too jampacked and crowded. We went to the one in Jalan Manggis. Not bad, tastes the same but definitely not like Kluang Station in Tesco Ampang…hahaha…Menu CoverThe interior was alright. The ceiling deco is railway tracks depicting the railway origins of the coffee shop.Railway tracks ceilingI had special roti bun bakar and ½ boiled eggs while other members of the family had mee rebus, nasi lemak and mee kari. Tastes excellent. No wonder so many people queued up and patiently waited to be seated.Roti Bun Bakar½ boiled eggs The place have special opening hours, as follows:Sign BoardI heard the one in Kluang Station close on Tuesdays…(correct me if I’m wrong)….so Tuesdays might be jampacked here…So enjoy your breakfast!!!

Battery Charger Machine^^

While I was looking through a line of dresses and pants at Dorothy Perkins Subang Parade (inside Parkson Grand), I saw this thing. Battery charger machineIt is a battery charger machine. The picture below is the sign. Papan tandaHow it works?….You would have to take out your battery, I guess, then…read the instructions below:InstructionsI think this is good but nowadays, when the battery ‘kong’, people just go ahead and buy a new battery…. after all, it will last for quite some time. Just charge your mobile phone when it has indicated that it has low battery and try not to overcharge it. For new phones, strictly charge 8 hours (the first time kan?) while the phone is switched off. It is actually good to switch it off while charging….to maintain its battery hours….(hishh tak boleh punya)….anyway, enough babbling about charging phones…..(macam la orang tak tau kan?)….I just thought I would share it with you……What do you think machine ni bagus ke tak?….Ok, until next story…..

Makan at Restoran Sari Ratu, Subang Parade

Hungry for Nasi Padang? Try Sari Ratu in Subang Parade. The latest branch of Dato Syukur’s franchise in Malaysia. Check out the place:Sari Ratu, Subang Parade branchLook at the restaurant picture above, full of people. We thought there was no more place to sit. Luckily I reserved a place for us. It’s two storey restaurant so there’s ample spaces downstairs and more cosy too. Ada surau and nice decorations too. But there’s no TV. I think they should have a TV there (just because masa tu N9 lawan Kelantan), anyway, they should have a TV.Interior downstairsWe ordered ayam pop, guramek ikan and others such as sambal udang, masak lemak pucuk paku. It was delicious!!!…But my mom said it’s biasa jer…anyway, it’s like when we went to Bandung the other day when we had Nasi Padang at the Rumoh Makan Raja Melayu in Bandung.Ayam Pop RM6.50Nila Goreng RM18.00Lauk lainOverall, it was ok for a family outing…proven by a happy face here (whom after that was attacked by a cute little girl—maybe the gir…

Button badge manual machine

The other day when we made the AOSSG button badge, apparently they were not enough coz most of the delegates kept asking for them, so I decided to go Central Market and make some more, yeah 100 pieces so that everyone can have them, and a piece of mind for me and the secretariats. I was quite worried coz the stalls there might not want to do it in just 1 hour. But, they actually did so I waited with willingness to endure. The machine looks like this:Button badge manual machineThe result; 100 pieces, I tak sempat ambil gambar coz really in a hurry back to Shangri La. But yes, this is the piece of machine that finally made it. So, anyone interested order custom made souvenir items such as key chains, mugs, button badges, you can go to DG 11, Central Market, Jalan Hang Kasturi, 50050 Kuala Lumpur and check out the place ya.

Flea Market Series: Carboot Shah Alam

My superfavourite carboot is of course, Shah Alam carboot. It used to be really a carboot sale where people opened up their car boots and displayed original household items for sale. It covered only a small area nearby the Shah Alam stadium and not many people knew about it. Now, the Shah Alam carboot has become a more commercial, trading place selling 't-shirt bundle’, headscarfs, toys, leather goods, homemade goods and IKS goods as well! For mothers, there is also Pasar Tani to do some marketing where you can find weird ulams (salads). After jalan-jalan, you can have breakfast there. There are a lot of common foods on sale such as nasi lemak, nasi kerabu, laksa, and tidbits such as keropok lekor, dangai, kuih ‘telinga keling’ to name a few.Carboot Shah Alam 8 am viewMy hubby and I love the t-shirt bundle stalls. These are really cheap second hand t-shirts from UK, USA and Japan. I used to hate them coz it’s ‘bekas orang’ (worn by other people) and smells funny. But now, I love t…

Flea Market Series: Plaza Mont’ Kiara

I wanted to go somewhere, so my family and I headed down to Plaza Mont’ Kiara for a Sunday flea market. We arrived at 1030 am but there were only a few stalls opened. Most of them were selling clothes (kinda like the one in online boutiques). There was not much of interesting items on sale, as you can see from the pictures below:Plaza Mon’t Kiara Sunday Flea MarketLuckily the parking (in basement) in only RM1. We went somewhere else after that for ‘cuci mata’.

Convert old negatives into digital

I suddenly realised that most of my old pictures in albums for the past 10 years became de-colourised or eaten by termites…(somehow, yes)…. The negative slides are still in a box in my old room. Then I thought, with advanced technology and gadgets galore that are in abundance nowadays, there must be some way to convert the old negatives into digital prints.My old negativesYes, there is. You actually can do it yourself if you have a decent scanner but since I do not have one, paying a photo shop to do it all was a lot easier. Be sure to clean your negatives with a lint free, non abrasive wipes to ensure no finger prints or dusts on the negatives. Use Pec Pad brand if you can.I sent my negative slides to a photo shop in Mid Valley to convert them all to digital. It costs RM15 for a 36 roll pictures. I had loads so it was a bit pricey but it was all worth it. They convert and burn them into cds for storage. Now, I can choose and crop old pictures and bring them back into my blog. Yeeehaa…

**Button Badge Craze**

One of my favourite things…..Button badges. When I was in school, my bag was full of badges. Be it a ‘Tunas Puteri’ badge or ‘Kadet Polis’, or just simply cute buttons that I like……but some of them had rusted so I just had to throw them away. I usually browse through the button badges at Prickie. The website is sooooo cool! Badges are designed by independent artists and it’s quite a cuci mata too!Nowadays I try to convert the badges into magnets because I think it will make the badges more appealing instead of just keeping them and letting them rust (again)…….these are some of them…..Just recently I bought a button badge maker because I think I can make my own badges (yeah rite, well maybe). But my badge maker ni zaman lama punya kot…Badge MakerAnyway, thanks to my hubby who is a Photoshop expert and my son who is always bursting with positive energy, we managed to produced a button badge for an office event…I think it’s not that bad considering me, a beginner who just discovered a ‘…