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Battery Charger Machine^^

While I was looking through a line of dresses and pants at Dorothy Perkins Subang Parade (inside Parkson Grand), I saw this thing.

Charger Battery charger machine

It is a battery charger machine. The picture below is the sign.

Signboard Papan tanda

How it works?….You would have to take out your battery, I guess, then…read the instructions below:

Instructions Instructions

I think this is good but nowadays, when the battery ‘kong’, people just go ahead and buy a new battery…. after all, it will last for quite some time. Just charge your mobile phone when it has indicated that it has low battery and try not to overcharge it. For new phones, strictly charge 8 hours (the first time kan?) while the phone is switched off. It is actually good to switch it off while charging….to maintain its battery hours….(hishh tak boleh punya)….anyway, enough babbling about charging phones…..(macam la orang tak tau kan?)….I just thought I would share it with you……What do you think machine ni bagus ke tak?….Ok, until next story…..