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**Button Badge Craze**

SP_VintageFlorals_ButtonFlower_Peach One of my favourite things…..Button badges. When I was in school, my bag was full of badges. Be it a ‘Tunas Puteri’ badge or ‘Kadet Polis’, or just simply cute buttons that I like……but some of them had rusted so I just had to throw them away. I usually browse through the button badges at Prickie. The website is sooooo cool! Badges are designed by independent artists and it’s quite a cuci mata too!

Nowadays I try to convert the badges into magnets because I think it will make the badges more appealing instead of just keeping them and letting them rust (again)…….these are some of them…..


Just recently I bought a button badge maker because I think I can make my own badges (yeah rite, well maybe). But my badge maker ni zaman lama punya kot…

Badge Maker Badge Maker

Anyway, thanks to my hubby who is a Photoshop expert and my son who is always bursting with positive energy, we managed to produced a button badge for an office event…I think it’s not that bad considering me, a beginner who just discovered a ‘magic machine’…..It was a great family time out. See our products below:

AOSSG badge AOSSG Badge

But ours are not as nice as these from Very cute and cool badges indeed…..


Soon, in future, I hope that we could make more (but before that I have to get a more advanced machine!) and make it as a business and soon be a button badge tycoon!!!…(Ok now, lets not dwell into my neurotic imagination now…)….Until next interest….Taaa!!!