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Button badge manual machine

The other day when we made the AOSSG button badge, apparently they were not enough coz most of the delegates kept asking for them, so I decided to go Central Market and make some more, yeah 100 pieces so that everyone can have them, and a piece of mind for me and the secretariats. I was quite worried coz the stalls there might not want to do it in just 1 hour. But, they actually did so I waited with willingness to endure. The machine looks like this:

Badge machine Button badge manual machine

The result; 100 pieces, I tak sempat ambil gambar coz really in a hurry back to Shangri La. But yes, this is the piece of machine that finally made it.

So, anyone interested order custom made souvenir items such as key chains, mugs, button badges, you can go to DG 11, Central Market, Jalan Hang Kasturi, 50050 Kuala Lumpur and check out the place ya.


Sharizat said…
Can I Know,where you bought the badge master machines???
BTW,do you know where to bought it @ Johor Bahru?
Almiraz said…
Hi sharizat,

I bought the master button badge from toys r us. But, unfortunately they dont have in that colour anymore. They have the same in pink. Its more awesome! I saw the pink one in klcc toys r us. Happy hunting...