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Cadbury Carnival at Sunway Pyramid~~

‘Here’s to the simple joys in life’. That was the theme for the Cadbury Carnival held in Sunway Pyramid at LG2 from 21-22 November 2009. Simply purchase a minimum of RM10 of any Cadbury chocolates at the Cadbury booth and you will earn 10 points to spend at the carnival.

Bunting Cadbury Bunting

Attractions for the day, you can read in the picture above. Below are the picture highlights:

Fondue Chocolate Fondue Booth

Horse Shoe Loop Horse Shoe Loop It

With clown My son with a cute clown

It was really a great outing for family especially with the school holidays going on (yay! jalan tak jam…heheh..)…See the crowd here busy colouring their key chains:

Crowd Busy crowd

Some of the happy faces snapped:


We didn’t actually play all the games coz we were only out for dinner but my son was extremely happy that he went straight to the stage to shake hands with the two mascots. I was like huh!? then I pun kena naik stage (coz anakku dah panggil2 la pulak….sorry ye adik-adik yang tengah tunggu…)…..After that we got a copy of the picture and some souvenirs…


We would like to thank Cadbury for organising this event. It was truly a sweet and happy carnival. Last but not least, the question to ask is….did we get free chocolates??…..The answer is…….yes! yes! yes!….


Mohammad Alias said…
mana gambar husband u!!!!
Ah Jo said…
I know beloved dearest Amir loves chocolates but can I have some too? Please~~~ please~~~~ I let you look at Edward Cullen for awhile - like 15 mins.
Almiraz said…
Ah Jo...u tengokla Edward...I nak tengok Jacob...yum yum yum...