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Convert old negatives into digital

I suddenly realised that most of my old pictures in albums for the past 10 years became de-colourised or eaten by termites…(somehow, yes)…. The negative slides are still in a box in my old room. Then I thought, with advanced technology and gadgets galore that are in abundance nowadays, there must be some way to convert the old negatives into digital prints.

Negatives My old negatives

Yes, there is. You actually can do it yourself if you have a decent scanner but since I do not have one, paying a photo shop to do it all was a lot easier. Be sure to clean your negatives with a lint free, non abrasive wipes to ensure no finger prints or dusts on the negatives. Use Pec Pad brand if you can.

I sent my negative slides to a photo shop in Mid Valley to convert them all to digital. It costs RM15 for a 36 roll pictures. I had loads so it was a bit pricey but it was all worth it. They convert and burn them into cds for storage.

Now, I can choose and crop old pictures and bring them back into my blog. Yeeehaaa!