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Flea Market Series: Carboot Shah Alam

My superfavourite carboot is of course, Shah Alam carboot. It used to be really a carboot sale where people opened up their car boots and displayed original household items for sale. It covered only a small area nearby the Shah Alam stadium and not many people knew about it.

Now, the Shah Alam carboot has become a more commercial, trading place selling 't-shirt bundle’, headscarfs, toys, leather goods, homemade goods and IKS goods as well! For mothers, there is also Pasar Tani to do some marketing where you can find weird ulams (salads). After jalan-jalan, you can have breakfast there. There are a lot of common foods on sale such as nasi lemak, nasi kerabu, laksa, and tidbits such as keropok lekor, dangai, kuih ‘telinga keling’ to name a few.

Carboot Shah Alam Carboot Shah Alam 8 am view

My hubby and I love the t-shirt bundle stalls. These are really cheap second hand t-shirts from UK, USA and Japan. I used to hate them coz it’s ‘bekas orang’ (worn by other people) and smells funny. But now, I love them coz its supercheap (RM5 only), they are original shirts from overseas and covers brands like Hurley, Uniqlo, Hanes and Fruit of the Loom.

Boys bundle My hubby @ Bundle

There’s also women bundle…haha…you must be thinking what??…..Yes, there is a bundle for women but it’s not ‘bekas orang’. It’s straight from ‘kilang’ (it claimed). But I see the clothes are all overseas branded such as Soho and Gymboree. It has got pajamas, kids clothes, nighties and ‘seluar tido’. Oh! I love the seluar tido coz they are colourful and cute, very girlish.

Women bundle Women @ women bundle

Some people sell their junk ( my brothers and I used to sell too, but we fell sick the day after coz too tired and the weather was too hot at that time- of all things I could remember that….haishhh……but we managed to sell all of our mom’s old stuffs, like a spring cleaning for my mom). So I was saying, people do sell their junk stuffs, like pictured below:

Junk People’s junk

Also, since Crocs dah masuk fake market, there were a lot of stalls selling fake Crocs…people went crazy!!!

Crocs tipu Crocs lelong

It was fun coz a lot of things were cheap (harga sayu sebab Kelantan kalah…..also there’s harga tergedik---macam ni pun boleh)…but weather so hot laa….went back at 0930 am….see people still coming….wonder how they will be later when the clock strikes 12 noon….hmmm…..

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Iz said…
i suka pegi carboot sale carik benda pelik2. like your 4th pic. baju belum pernah beli lagi..

crocs lelong pun belum. rasa cam nak beli.. ada design yg girlish tak crocs lelong?
Almiraz said…
Hmm..memang best benda2 tengok jer lah, sometimes, if we buy pun nanti jadi junk pulak..heheh...and then sometimes tu, mahal jer lebih...

Crocs lelong, ada girlish tapi for kids la...yg crocs biasa for ladies tu yg biasa2 la...tapi yg mcm kasut i carik takde...:(
Ah Jo said…
Crocs tipu pun kena bayar RM20?? =_=" Tipu!!
Almiraz said…
Memang kena tipu beb!