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Basikal Lipat Jepun

Ok, not my interest but somehow I am fascinated by the way a bicycle folds. I tailed my hubby to Bangsar for a bicycle hunt. Apparently it’s not like the normal bicycle ok, it’s a folded one…..from Japan….and it costs a bomb!…Well, a bomb for me la…Here’s the shop:

Rodalink Rodalink Bangsar

Lets see inside….There are loads of bicycles here…some brands are like Dahon, LeRun (I know, you must be thinking remember the bicycle with one tyre and one seat without any brakes and handles??…yeah, we had that last time….dah jual berzaman ok…) By the way, there’s loads of accessories for cyclists and bicycles here……

Inside Rodalink Err…tengah nego harga jap…

08122009468 Some of the accessories on sale

Haaa…this is the bicycle that my hubby is interested in….he envisioned me and him together with our son cycling in the park…macam syok jer….I pun ‘test paddle’ the bicycle…quite odd coz I have not been cycling since I left school…

Dahon Dahon putih

Last but not least, I took this picture of a really old bicycle…..really a museum material!!!…..

Basikal tua Basikal tua

We decided to see other bicycle shops first before we decide to buy. However, this Rodalink is having a promotion. For every RM80 spent, you will get a cash voucher of RM30 to spend on other things in the shop be it another bike or accessories, anything in the shop. It valids until 31 December 2009 and the cash voucher can be used until end of January 2010. So, apa lagi?…jomla beli basikal lipat?….