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Berries, berries, berries

Yesterday I went to Bangsar Vilage to get some strawberries. Why not get some bluberries, raspberries and blackberries while I was there, I thought. So, I took them all. Maybe I can teach my son the types of berries that are in existence…. My son then familiarised himself well and picked his favourite; blueberries.

Berries collage Berries…

Actually my aunt wanted to do a strawberry dip with sprinkles on it just like the one we had in Bandung Super Mall. Yummy, but not so cheap, cost approximately RP18,000 (I think…can’t remember)

Pear dipped with choc.. Chocolate dipped pear with sprinkles

Talking about berries, I remember I had once went to a raspberry farm in York for a fruit picking session. It was a new experience for me. Yelah, mana pernah pergi petik buah tu sendiri. The season was actually near to summer so the fruits did not harvest as much as it was during spring. Nevertheless, it was an overwhelming experience.

Raspberry Raspberries di pokok

Tu je gambar yang ada masa kat sana….yang lain2 tu gambar tak relevant…heheheh….banyak gambar posing jer…tu jer…until next scribbling…..