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GSC Signature experience

I have not been to this place before. The nearest that I got was in Gold Class Mid Valley sometime ago before I got married….and the seats stunk!…(cakap Melayu bau masam!)…Urghhh!!!..that was it, taknak pegi gold-gold class lagi. Anyway, kan ada Torrent. Sabar sikit dapatla tengok free.

Anyway, since it is Thursday, I paksa my husband to go for a movie. Lagipun dah lama tak tengok wayang bersama. So, sampaila kat Signature ni. It’s a boutique cinema and comes with a price. Lets see the place first.

Front view Front view

Te happiest thing was there was no queues, no overcrowding of people. We all siap lepak-lepak lagi kat lounge dia. The seats in the cinema are soft and tak bau masam….you can also straigthened your feet with ease. Problem if you come in three. The seats are like couple seats only…so, pandai-pandaila bawak diri kalau dah ter-datang 3 orang tu yer…We didn’t order anything to eat coz macam dah kenyang. Oh ya, you need to get real sweater/pashmina/jacket/coat coz really freezing (sebab tak ramai orang kot).

Dessert Bar Dessert Bar….we didn’t feel like eating ice-cream…

The movie that we watched was The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus…weird story with the devil being a shenanigan towards Dr. Parnassus. I would personally recommend to watch it IF, I repeat IF you are having a boring life. The imagination of Dr. Parnassus is wilder than anyone’s imagination. Mine stops at circus. Itupun tak pernah pegi. Imagine jer.

TheImaginariumofDrParnassus Movie poster courtesy of Google

GSC Signature is really good way to splurge your money in cinema-luxury experience. Sekali sekala ok la…jangan selalu…kopak le nanti…


Iz said…
lagi mahal dari Gold Class ke Signature ni?
Almiraz said…
Gold Class Signature lagi mahal dari Gold Class biasa...60 hengget!!!.....masa I pegi Gold Class dulu (yg seat masam tu is RM25)