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Makan at Barra Cafe House of Barramundi

Last week we went to Barra Cafe for a birthday party invitation. Never been there before. Looks nice. Not crowded too. Quite fun for a private birthday party celebration.

Interior Cerita pasal barramundi

The restaurant is called Barra cafe because its speciality is barramundi fish in any kind of dish that you wish be it masak lemak, asam pedas, tiga rasa or sweet sour…whatever lah…

Asam pedas Masak asam pedas

The food was alright. Masak Tiga rasa was superb but masak lemak was not that tasty. Probably because I am not a fan.

Lauk ayam Lauk ayam pun ada…

Amir My son enjoying the view rather than his cake

All in all. It was alright. Thanks to my husband’s uncle for the treat. The birthday boy reached 7 years old. You can come to this place if you wanna try some Barramundi fish.


Here’s the address:

Lot 49-51, Jalan Pandan Prima 2, Dataran Pandan Prima,55100 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-92005760

Fax: 03-92005761


Iz said…
yang kereta sebelah your son tu pencil case ke? hehe
Almiraz said…
A'ah pencil case.... dapat dalam goodie bag dia...