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Sunday picnic in KLPac Part II

ruth yeoh Apparently this is Ruth Yeoh’s favourite place

Somebody already had a Google point over here in Sentul. Her name is Ruth Yeoh. And she officially had put in front of the KLPac building.

picnic spot Here is our picnic spot

We chose here as our picnic spot coz the sun was already up and shiny (it was only 8 am btw)….furthermore there were a few cement couches place so we had no excuse to go to other spots.

picnic food Of course there must be food around

My mom in law prepared nasi lemak while my sister in law prepared her spaghetti. I on the other hand, just prepared egg mayo sandwich…a bit too much…no one was up for it after we had the delicious nasi lemak so I decided to give out to a group of UIA students who happened to be there too. Licin…so, takdelah membazir…

KLPac KLPac building

This is the KLPac building…..this is where those performing arts students/visitors will come for work/practise/fun….I guess….below is the ticket booth picture…

box Box office box

banner [800x600] Banners outside

Outside the building you can see banners for the activities planned for each month. Just lookie here if malas nak enquire.

Way out View from our car


Lastly, this is the picture of my son on the famous steel couch. This couch is everywhere in the park. Cool huh??