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Flea Market Series: Threadszoo Bazaar at Rasta TTDI

It was Threadszoo Bazaar at Rasta TTDI. It was not really a flea market but more to online-boutique-shop goes real. It was fun coz I got to see real life clothes, shoes and accessories that they sell in webbies. Somehow those vintage long dress (like those Japanese old ladies wore during 80s) seem not attractive to me. Anyway, lets look at some of the pics while we were there.

Cropped banner Hanged banner

baby shoesBaby shoes

Nunu2you Nunu2you

@rasta Booths from far

More booths More booths

DSC_0020 [800x600] DSC_0022 [800x600] Macam-macam…anak pokok pun ada

Hubby looking @ shirts Hubby looking at shirts

There are a few online boutiques selling their goods at a discounted price. Some just sell them cheap like nunu2you. Among the sellers are buttonmybuttons.blogspot, and

I bought a really cool funky rock scarft from This shop is so special coz the owner is our local indie singer Yuna (who won runner up in Anugerah Juara Lagu in Jan 2010, also the singer of my favourite songs such as Dan Sebenarnya and Blue Sands). Mula-mula ambil gambar dengan dia jer, tapi takkan ambil gambar tak beli pulak….hehe..but the scarfs are damn cool…I love it so much!…I plan to put some tiny glitter stones and planning to wear it for special occasions only….chewah…

Rock scraf Rocker scraf bought from Yuna’s booth @Iamjetfuelshop RM30 jer…

Cat skirt Cat mini skirt (for kids) @Nunu2you RM20 jer…

Tapi, yang mahalnya cuma gambar with Yuna…hehe seriously she’s so cool and soft spoken, gaya pun rileks, and tak errogant pun…well, kalau dia errogant takkan dia nak datang jual menjual nih….best dapat jumpa dia…she was with her cousins at that time.

Looking forward for another Threadszoo Bazaar.


Mohammad Alias said…
mana baju untuk orang lelaki??????
Almiraz said…
Tu...yang you tengah pegang tu....