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It has arrived..

Today is one of the happiest days in my life (chewah). My long awaited Fujifilm Instax Mini 7s has arrived from Japan. Woohoo!!!

Lets see it first.

My Fuji My Fujifilm Instax Mini 7s

Side elevation Side elevation

Rear elevation Rear elevation

I got it at a very reasonable price from a reliable person. Found it from here. The seller is trustworthy and easy to deal with. Recommended if you plan to deal with them. Included in the package are:

4 AA battery, camera strap, manual book, warranty card (just in case la…) and 1 pink Instax Mini Photo album.

CSC_0038 [800x600] 5 packs of 20 pieces Fujifilm Instax Mini Film I can take instant photos (it’s actually kinda cool). I have always wanted to have Polaroid but I think this one is quite ok too…..

Two things for sure. First, if you are shutter frenzy camera person, don’t consider to buy this. You’ll waste RM2.50 per snap and second, don’t snap pictures when it’s very sunny outside. The constant firing flash (with automatic light adjustment) will still make your picture over exposed. The best quality pictures should be the one taken indoors (with lampu kalimantang)

The picture size is exactly the size of an ordinary business card. Shutter speed is 1/60 seconds and the camera weighs 320 grams. The quality of the pictures are ok too…just don’t select a wrong light setting though. And just don’t take the pillar more than the models…See here if you want to know what I mean….

Results Random pictures

At the same time, since my hubby and I are getting over-frenzy with his D90 and my new camera, I bought my son a new camera for him too. Even though it is not a mechanical camera (this is just plain wood camera), he really knows how to pretend with it. He took many pictures including the grass, dustbin, water, drain, not to mention ourselves, he pretend to take pictures mimicking us when we are with our cameras.

Camera kayu Camera kayu

Camera kayu2 Side elevation

Rear look Rear look

Testing cam Smile for the woody…

So, now each of us has an object to be distracted with.


Iz said…
best la kamera kayu amir.. pasni boleh la nak pinjam, hehehe
Almiraz said… dia tu, takleh ilang sikit...kejap kejap tanya mana camera dia...
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Almiraz said…
Dear Claudia,

Wow!....thank you very much for the compliments...I usually write about the things that me and my family we're testing and learning the D90 everytime..about the advertising, yeah I will be more aggressive on it soon...hehe

I'm really happy that you like my blog...hope you keep on reading it....