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The prep

The occasion is my son’s birthday party. Imagine goody bags, lots of food, colourful balloons, 3D cake, bouncy castle, costumes, professional photographer, real animals such as kangaroo….ok ok stop.

I think I can afford until a 3D cake only. Nevertheless, lets look at the invitation card first.

invitation Birthday invitation

Of course, a good planning is essential in organising a marvellous unforgettable event. And of course, it has to start somewhere. Yes, for my case, it’s this colourful, cheery book. And it’s gonna be my scribs and scraps of any occasion or party that I will be organising (chewah, macam event manager pulak).

Buku GAP Buku dapat free

Then there’s goody bag for kids….of course there’s the normal party pack (those stuffs that you blow, party hats etc etc). Last time when I organised my niece’s birthday party, I included sticky animals, stickers, cartoon badges, funny specs and mini rubic’s cube.

This time for my son it’s colour pencils, raisins, pudding jelly, mini rubic’s cube (I memang suka benda ni kan?), chocolate chip cookies and sugar icing cookies.

Colour pencils Colur pencils (murah jer…)

Sun Maid Raisins Sunmaid Raisins…(berkhasiat sikit dari chocs jer kan?)

Pudding jelly Various flavours of pudding

Rubic's cube Colourful mini rubic’s cube

DSC_0011 [800x600] Remember this from our childhood days??

As for the cake, thanks to Anis Magic Fingers. This is the 3D cake. We love it!!

Tow meter truck


DSC_0037 [800x600]

Not a big event but only for a start, oklah kan?…..