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The pressies and tips

After birthday, terus je we asked our son to open his presents. He was so excited too for this is the first time he gets lots of presents. He really ripped the wrappers off and adored all of the presents.Thanks to everyone who gave the presents ya!

DSC_0214 [800x600] Birthday presents-unopened…yet

presents Collage of birthday presents

I definitely will organise birthday parties again for him. Some tips from my experience:

1) Make sure your guests RSVP properly and have some “extra-just-in-case” guests for you to call if your original guests couldn’t make it.

2) Order your food generously but not too generously. Make sure it’s sufficient for your original guests, not the add ons (sometimes, not all guests can make it, sometimes people don’t like to say that they couldn’t make it)

3) It’s better to follow up with each guest and have them say whether they’re in or out. This will enable you to strategise for no. (1)

4) Have the party at home instead, for maximum comfort and total freedom of time control (but the problem is nak kemas tu satu hal la…)

All in all, have a fun and a happy birthday party.


Mohammad Alias said…
aaaaa....tahu pun.....kena berjimat sikit....tak elok membazir!!!