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BaliThai at ION Orchard

Last week, we went to Singapore (again), but this time we took the MRT and a cab back to Malaysia. The short half day trip was tiring (again, I don’t know why it’s always tiring to go Singapore). Anyway, when we arrived in ION Orchard, it was lunch time so we hunted for food first before we dwell into the shop lots. As always, mesti nak yang halal, so we found this place.

baliThai Di sahkan halal by the Islamic religious Council of Singapore

Food was alright, macam kat Basil Thai in Bangsar Village dan restaurant2 yang sewaktu dengannya.

Minced chick with basil Fried minced chicken with basil – my favourite

Pandan chick Pandan chicken- yum yum

Noodle Noodle my mom- she finished it nom nom nom

Overall, the place was quite cramp (I think it’s designed to accommodate as many people as possible). Settings biasa jer… Then we sambung jalan-jalan…

Very important tip: Take a cab from Kotaraya for just RM60 from Malaysia and S$10 per head from Ronchor, Singapore rather than a bus…very much relaxing, time saving and easier. Please, don’t ever charter a van/mini van/MPV to go Singapore.

Here’s our experience the first time we went to Singapore in December 2009.

The first time we went to Singapore, we were charged RM700 per day (well, not even a day, just merely 12 hours). We thought that it was the best way since we were pampered the same way when we went to Bandung last year. I can still remember how ignorant the Naza MPV driver was. Before we even started our journey he mentioned that he had to fetch his wife at 7 pm from KL. We kept quiet. We wanted to have the whole day till nite in Singapore but then our plans were dampened by his statement. And so we ignored him. Then after jalan2 in Suntec City at around 8 pm, we called him like a gazillion times but he switched off his phone. We waited for nearly 1 hour, restless, we thought that he had gone back to Malaysia without us, with our shopping bags in his Naza MPV and we had to sit nearby the Fountain of Wealth while eating corn flavoured Kenny Rogers Roasters muffin (OMG cannot tahan that ONLY corn flavour was available).

When we finally got him, we requested to go back on the spot. He fetched us but he did not say a word throughout the journey back to JB. My hubby even tried to be friendly but he ignored us. So when we reached our hotel, we paid him the agreed amount and left. No sorrys or anything from us or from him. We learnt our lesson. Hopefully this story will be a lesson not to be repeated by anyone.

This entry is supposed to be about BasilThai. Sorry dah tukar topik pulak…