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Melaka Stories Part I

We went to Malacca for a short holiday. We wanted to be back in nostalgia of being in one of the most historical places in Malaysia. We arrived at 3pm and checked in one of the 5-star hotels. Then, we had our lunch at the Queyside Cafe and Seafood Restaurant nearby Bandar Hilir…the service was not very good coz probably dah petang…they were getting ready for the night rush….whatever it was, we managed to get our food…semua habis coz we were extremely hungry.

me and maya Checking out our hotel view

Kincir Air Kincir Air Kesultanan Melaka, nearby the Queyside

First we went to the Stadhuys Building (remember the red building?)….Jalan-jalan over there admiring the local souvenirs and beca (trishaws).

Beca berhias Beca berhias

DSC_0064 [800x600] View from our trishaw

Just a few minutes walk from the Stadhuys, you will reach the most famous night market in Melaka, the Jonker Street. We reached there quite early (around 5pm) so many hawkers and stalls were still in the midst of setting up. Nevertheless, we managed to get into a few antique shops. This shop below is interesting.

Lagenda Antik Lagenda Antik – was featured in a local film

The antique shop was featured in the film Setem…although I did not watch it, my brother-in-law took an effort to ask the owner and the latter confirmed it. The antiques were amazing, though some Chinas can be spotted in my mom’s cupboard…hmm….they could be worth hundreds….

Lagenda Antik Notice the white lamp hanging on the ceiling?…My mom-in-law has one too….

Rubber Apakah?…

Then nak dekat Magrib so went to hotel to freshen up, next was Melaka River Cruise……(something like River Thames Cruise).

When we bought the tickets, there were not many people but when we reached the dock, OMG…ramai giller orang ok….rupanya ada Sambutan Maulidur Rasul and they were queuing up to get into the boats lining up in the water there.

Kaunter Tiket Taman Rempah is the nearest stop to our hotel

Nevertheless, finally we got into the boat and sat right in front.See our view in pics below:

View from boat Looks like when in Venice…haha

Ferris wheel Ada ferris wheel tapi heran kenapa takde orang naik…

Ok, good nite…


Iz said…
macam ada 'entiti' di sebalik langsir - gambar pertama..

Almiraz said…
Ish, takde pape lah..tu my niece ....hihi