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Giraffes Can’t Dance is in Malaysia!!

Originally from the UK, this theatre is about a giraffe named Gerald. It learns how to dance despite his bandy knees. A very inspiring and happy-ending story. We went half an hour before the show to check out our seats.

poster [800x600]Poster

Actually I have been wanting to bring my son to watch a play/theatre just to let him feel the experience. I don’t think I can bring him to a cinema yet coz he’s a chatterbox when it comes to asking endless questions and creating questions from answers given by us. So, to be safe and to avoid dari kena marah dek orang sebab bising, I quite like this theatre idea.

amir_theather01 [800x600] Posing depan dinding

We can’t take pictures or record the show but I managed to just snap one picture (no flash) just to show you how the play was.

20032010559 [800x600] Gerald the Giraffe

Our seats are premier seats (RM66) but ermm…since we were in the middle, so, that’s the best view (mat saleh ni besar2 la..)…but all in all, it was fun… My son was in awe for the first half an hour and then he lost interest, but the thing is, the animals in the jungle such as chimpanzees, hippo, lion and the giant butterfly kept him entertained when he lost interest. I think he likes watching it…..After the theatre, we had a photography and an autograph session with the actresses. Plus home made ice-creams!

amir_theather03 2 [800x600] Amik autograph jap

ekim [800x600] DSC_0037 [800x600]

Enjoying ice-cream from Ours was Horlicks.

Then, for lunch, we went to the oldest drive thru in Malaysia (I think)…

DSC_0052 [800x600] First drive thru that I have been to

DSC_0047 [800x600]Famous Root Beer Float

DSC_0051 [800x600] Unique packaging

Overall, it was an enjoyable day for us….


Iz said…
cutenya jari amir kat pic last tu. hehehe
Almiraz said…
Hehe....jari yang debob...masa kitorang tengah amik autograp tu kan, ada pelakon lama Ramona Rahman (ingat tak?)...dia pun bawak anak dia 2 org pompuan ...cute miut pulak tu...
Iz said…
kenapa tak amik gambar amir dengan anak diaaa? hehe
Almiraz said…
Maluuu...tiba2 nak amik gambar pulak...