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Melbourne Itinery – Day Two

If you love shopping for souvenirs, don’t miss to shop at the Victoria Market situated in Elizabeth Street. Since it’s near from our apartment, we just walked towards the market. Sampai jer, we jalan line by line coz it’s really big, rasa macam car boot Shah Alam pulak (minus the hot blazing sun)… was really nice to see so many things on sale, t-shirt souvenirs, magnets, towel, whatever you want, you name it, you’ve got it…..but, most of them made in China la…Personally, I love the t-shirts coz it’s really made in Australia…and really cheap, just AUD$5….we bought 10 and got one for free…(banyak nak kasi as souvenir)

Victoria Market Merchandise area

BUdak kacamata Budak kacamata di depan t-shirt stall

Kitchen deco Kitchen deco…eh, kalau lah ada rumah sendiri, mesti dah beli dah ni

Fresh veggies Capsicums, cucumbers and tomatoes….very fresh…

DSC_0030 [800x600] More fresh veggies

DSC_0026 [800x600] Pelik kan cili dia?

Churros Makan churros for snack

Dah jalan-jalan pastu lapar pulak so we had churros for snack….the last time I had churros was in Japan…dah lama giller ok…best jugakla dapat merasa benda ni kat sini…..So, jangan lupa singgah market ni kalau datang Melbourne….