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Melbourne Itinery – Day of arrival

One week in Melbourne??...Yes yes…was my answer to hubby…seronoknya akhirnya dapat jugak jalan-jalan kat Melbourne.....last year dah plan nak pegi but duit takde…cuti pun takde….

Before masuk flight, my brother belanja minum-minum @ Chocolate Lounge….the fruit dipped in chocolate was the best…

Minum di Chocolate Makan ni je dah mahal ok….nasib baik Dr. belanja

Fruit dipped with chocolate Yang fruit medley dip with chocolate ni best…

Anyway, just to show off some pictures while we were there but before that, kena naik flight 7 hours dulu k…..sooooo uncomfortable coz we took a low cost carrier that says ‘now everyone can fly’….the seats cannot be reclined ok…aduhss…only the bottom seat can be slide to front…apa ke hal macam tu pulak…

Isle From my view

The food, ok lah…sebab lapar kan….but my son’s lunch pack was the best coz got Kit Kat, Oreo, Sunmaid Raisins, jigsaw puzzle, Ribena and his main course; spaghetti meatballs…oklah tu….he seemed to have enjoyed the food.

jigsaw puzzle View from my son’s table

ETA at 1 am so straight away took a mini van cab to our apartment in Swanston Street. The roads were quiet and we were tired.

Arrow on Swanston Our crash place for 5 days

Reception The reception area

Sampai je Arrow on Swanston Apartment, lempar barang-barang and my son was excited to see the bed…eh…ngantuk la tu…

Bedroom Apartment with one bedroom (tengok dia sibuk main lampu)

sofabed And one sofa bed in the living room

Toilet Toilet so squeaky clean