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Bazaar at MAP Solaris Dutamas

Last week we went to MAP @ Solaris Dutamas (not Solaris Mont Kiara ye....we all pun sesat haritu)...menarik and best. It was organised by Bijou Bazaar so there were many blogger entrepreneurs such as Juxta Art Production and Little Syam.

DSC_0003 [800x600] [800x600] Poster

See these hand drawn pictures made by the creator of Juxta Art. This guy, he draws them out of interest and well, he has the talent too.

DSC_0004 [800x600] Drawing ni tak sempat beli dah sold

DSC_0005 [800x600] Comel tak love ni?

DSC_0007 [800x600]Keychains for sale

Hubby bought a t-shirt for him and Amir. Not expensive, just RM60 for 2 pieces. See Amir's shirt below:

DSC_0033 [800x600] Pandamonium for kids

Snapped a pic from Little Syam's booth.

DSC_0015 [800x600] Creative and Cute!

Little Syam also produces mini 'bangku' complete with upholstery. The designs are pretty and cute. The fabric used is cotton and are mostly English and abstract designs. Very impressive. Errmm, no pics coz ramai sangat orang kat booth dia la...

DSC_0006 [800x600] The Bazaar set up

DSC_0013 [800x600] Deco in the middle of the bazaar

DSC_0024 [800x600] Lain kali jangan sesat lagi…nama tempat ni MAP

We like to visit bazaars like these coz they are unique and the items offered are at reasonable, this is a really good way for people to turn they hobbies and interests into business (maybe one day I might too, when I'm bored with work and I have lots of money for capital)...haha...


Iz said…
wow garangnya.. suruh i pergi amik gambar sendiri? haha
Almiraz said…
Ye ah...hihihi....