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Family Day in PD

This is the PD post I promised to put but was not able to actually sit down and blog about it. It was actually my hubby's old office family day held in Rumah Peranginan Persekutuan Port Dickson. The place is new, and very cheap (coz it's for government servants) and clean too. I didn't manage to snap the lobby and area pictures coz was too tired when we arrived. Kat Google pun takde so maybe next time lah ye. However, ada satu gambar of our room.

DSC_0006 [800x600] Very simple bed

The room is big tapi actually lagi best if they put a sofa set, like, to not make the area so empty. This is the view from our room. Dekat je ngan beach...

DSC_0007 [800x600] View from our room

Bila family day, memangla banyak activities and goodies. Quite fun but my son memang tak sabar nak main beach sands and the swimming pool.

DSC_0018 [800x600] Our spot @ the beach

DSC_0017 [800x600] With his beach toys

At night, we had buffet (food pun boleh tahan) then we played Win, Lose or Draw. Finally, mesti ada Lucky Draw....and look what Amir got!....Sukernya dia dapat hadiah...the package is actually a laptop (for children, of course)....ok jugak prezen dia.

DSC_0040 [800x600] Muka teruja dengan prezen

Seronok ada family day macam ni…hopefully my small office pun buat jugak in future….see kids play and mingle around….

One emergency incident happenned. My wedding ring got lost! After realising that the ring was not at my left hand, I panicked!....Masa tu dah check out and drive keluar from the place. My husband terus pusing balik and we headed on to search our room. Our room was about to be cleaned the first time we left so the housekeeping girls said they did not see anything like a ring in the room or toilet. Felt sad, we just balik and hati memang tak senang, and tak senang duduk too. My hubby said, ' takpelah, but I always believe that if you have bought something with halal income, then rest assured, it will not get lost so easily...' nanti kita carik dalam beg pulak...'

I memang searched our bags, luggage bag, my handbag ( like a gazillion times)....tak jumpa jugak...then, when I was about to freshen up my son, I emptied his jeans' pocket, and guess what I found....yes, it was in his pocket all the while...and he told me that he did not play with my ring when I asked him in the car....he must have mistakenly took it while taking a few cents lying on our room's dressing table in PD.

Oklah, until next scribble...


Mohammad Alias said…
yup...i setuju dengan u...such a huge room but empty without the furnitures.
Almiraz said…
Kan?...lain kali kita gi Thistle nak?...hehehe