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Six months : Checklist for me, hubby and baby

Pejam celik pejam celik, I am now 6 months preggy...bila tengok barang-barang baby, dah jadi excited. Actually barang lama Amir dulu ada lagi. Just need a few more necessities. Ye, necessities ye, bukannya mobile cot yang berharga RM250 - RM300!!!...macam ni....

Giller mahal ok.....buying a mobile cot should not burn your pocket...Lagi satu, a very nice and soft baby towel with 4 washcloths...RM69 ok!!...kenapalah benda2 best macam ni mahal??...So, I dah tak jadi beli, tunggu tau gender baby then baru shopping, kalau girl, excited sikitla nak shopping baju-baju pink and purple, tapi kalau boy, alamatnya I bukak luggage bag lama and basuh baju-baju lama Amir..

Talking about necessities, there are many sites such as and that help you to do a checklist for your baby and hospital needs. You can easily print them and later just tick-tick jer...My list is as follows:

Necessities at the hospital + home

- Hospital card
- IC
- Camera
- Handphone + charger
- iPOD - hope…

Ashley Wood ThreeA toys – Tommy Mission

Hubby bought this. Ok, what is this…a big figurine (12 inch in size) , not like Barbie or Ken or anything, it’s actually a very detailed ‘doll’…for guys that is…not in any dirty or funny way but really for the comic or some sort of anime lover/enthusiast….check it out..Name’s Tommy MissionI was from this box Look at my jeansMe in hooded…my zip works fine like yours…Look at my messenger bagSantai di Shah AlamHubby bought this from XL-Toy Shop in Ampang with his friend. The price, well, it’s rare item so it’s quite expensive. Hubby been looking at it ever since he knew about it. He won’t be satisfied until he got his hands at it. As for me, kalau tak bagi kang, jadi isteri yang tak supportive pulak…I support him buying this coz this one looks decent….I definitely won’t let him buy the other one yang ada cerobong tuh…eee

Projek masak hari ini: Nasi goreng malas or senang

Senang or susah actually it depends. If you have leftovers of sambal belacan, ikan or ayam goreng and other leftovers such as sayur kacang buncis semalam or kacang panjang goreng. Thus, ini memang nasi goreng senang.First, mix leftovers tadi dalam periuk nasi . I have my little helper to demonstrate.Mix rice with the leftover sambalLeftover rice and shredded chickenThen, kalau rajin, goreng ikan bilis or telur goreng and mix together with the mixture dalam periuk nasi tadi. Kalau rajin lagi, potong carrot kecik-kecik or if malas just put some frozen mix veg but this one you will have to put aside dulu.Sambal belacan semalam Hiris bawang putih and bawang merah. Tumis and add seketul kiub ayam. Lepas tu masukkan mix veg tadi +salt + pepper + aji (if you like). Bila nampak dah ok, masukkan campuran nasi tadi. Api slow, kacau, kacau dan kacau. When you are satisfied that semuanya dah sebati, kuatkan api and kacau lagi sikit. Then terus tutup api and serve. Siap. Prep time dlm half hour (k…

Mushi Mushi Oh My Donashi…

Haritu my 1st anniversary with my current employer so I bought these really cutey donuts from Big Apple Gardens for office treat…Zoom into Do-Tobiko and Do-IkaburiLook at Do-Ikura itu…Siap dengan chopsticks…and I love the pack tooI just love the colours!!..........Now tengah ada competition. First, you have to ‘like’ the Big Apple page in Facebook. Search for bigappledonuts. Then allow for the application and guess the Donashi fast!!!… First prize is Ipad…..Try your luck now!!!

Kenduri Aqeqah Una

Haritu ada kenduri aqeqah for my niece. Organised by my in-laws, the occasion was simple jer...of course, food was one of the main attractions.Coffee and tea stationRojak and fruit stationGulai nanas and ikan keringSambal udang yang ‘hot’Ayam masak kicap – for the not-so-braveKari kambing qeqahOur caterer- Kalau minat call Alya Catering Services
Amir looking at what??Yang diraikan baby Una – such a cutie pieThe food was awesome, especially sambal udang!..and I love the goodie bag for guests prepared by my 'biras' is sooo cute! me some ideas for my new baby next year!Goodie bag for guestsThe goodie bag comprised a chocolate and Asma-ul-husna little booklet. The chocolate tastes like Kandos but the best part is the wrapper! I love the colourful and creative design…. If you like it and have Facebook account, you can search for Chocolate Wrapper to have a look. The price is reasonable, only RM2 as compared to other established brands that charge for RM4 per piece.

About Hobbies

Semalam belikan my son a new empty book so that he can scribble, paste papers, colour and conteng-conteng.....(dia imagine dia macam 'Mister Maker') ....his art block dh macam belacan tak sanggup I nak ambik gambar tunjuk, pengakhirannya, I telah membuang art block tersebut.Nilah, empty scrapbook Amir..siap ada nama lagi kat situ....I also bought him a new pair of scissors which is smaller tapi nampaknya dia masih nak guna gunting kitorang....tajam and pointed so agak scary bila dia guna, especially dia ni ada sikit clumsy jugakla...tapi, nilah hobi dia, apart from main masak-masak.Beriya-iya naa…As for me, actually I had a hobby (had, ok?) was actually working on my son's monthly milestones in an a scrap album...believe it or not, the album is still at Amir's 8th month...aaaahhhh malas gile taktau kenapa, padahal dulu ada alasan yang sangat valid iaitu keje audit yang tak menentu and kepenatan tak terhingga...sekarang??...plain malassss….....bila tengo…

Projek bila lapar: Sandwich sardin

Something you should know about me, I am a sardine lover, dalam seminggu, mesti teringin nak makan sardin, be it as lauk (makan dengan nasik panas-panas) or simply just in sandwich or rolls or bread...memang yummy...So, since balik keje petang-petang dah start lapar, I asked my little helper to prepare roti and butterknife...dia memang suka bab masak memasak ni so, no problem for him.Tolong sapu butterSardin with shredded onions and chillies, ready the lemon for some zest…Lepas masuk dalam sandwich maker, jadilah camni…Eh eh…tiba-tiba dah letak Nutella pulak…siap comot kat mulut lagi…

Father’s Day at Kampachi, Pavillion

Haritu father's day we went to Kampachi @ Pavillion for a family dinner...lagipun dah lama tak makan luar sekeluarga...tempat ni best, service pun ok tapi mahal sikit la..Datuk Kand S se family pun ada masa tu, celebrate father's day jugak kot...jom jenguk sini dulu…ChopstickSoft Kani Maki RM44 – Crab meat rollsBeef Tempura Set RM48Soft Kani Kara RM32 – sof shell crab…yummy, but a bit salty lah…Chicken Teriyaki RM36I paling suka Amir punya Kimono Bento. It has mixture of fruits, fried ebi, rice, telur dadar frills and something kinda like gula+ kelapa...sweet...tapi Amir...he doesn't like it as much...maybe because tak biasa kot...dia tu gila supa-ghetti...(hehehe...nanti I citer dalam entry lain).Cute kan bekas dia?…Feels like taking it home…(as a souvenir, of course)First tier…ada ebi, chicken ball and lots of fruitsRice covered with fried egg and sweet shredded frillsDah makan-makan jangan lupa dessert dia...I love the mochi...tapi dah thing about Jap food…

Next life by Woody Allen

I don't know whether you have come across this, but I found this on the net....Woody Allen memang pelik, and so does his imagination on next life..

"In my next life I want to live my life backwards. You start out dead and get that out of the way. Then you wake up in an old people's home feeling better everyday. You get kicked out for being too healthy, go collect your pension, and then when you start work, you get a gold watch and a party on your first day. You work for 40 years until you're young enough to enjoy your retirement. You party, drink alcohol, and are generally promiscuous, then you are ready for high school. You then go to primary school, you become a kid, you play. You have no responsibilities, you become a baby until you are born. And then you spend your last 9 months floating in luxurious spa-like conditions with central heating and room service on tap, larger quarters every day and then Voila! You finish off as an orgasm!" -- Woody Allen