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Ashley Wood ThreeA toys – Tommy Mission

Hubby bought this. Ok, what is this…a big figurine (12 inch in size) , not like Barbie or Ken or anything, it’s actually a very detailed ‘doll’…for guys that is…not in any dirty or funny way but really for the comic or some sort of anime lover/enthusiast….check it out..

posing tepi [800x600] Name’s Tommy Mission

dengan kotak [800x600] I was from this box

berdiri-04 [800x600] Look at my jeans

berdiri [800x600] Me in hooded…my zip works fine like yours…

pouch [800x600] Look at my messenger bag

duduk [800x600] Santai di Shah Alam

kotak [800x600]

Hubby bought this from XL-Toy Shop in Ampang with his friend. The price, well, it’s rare item so it’s quite expensive. Hubby been looking at it ever since he knew about it. He won’t be satisfied until he got his hands at it. As for me, kalau tak bagi kang, jadi isteri yang tak supportive pulak…I support him buying this coz this one looks decent….I definitely won’t let him buy the other one yang ada cerobong tuh…eee


Mohammad Alias said…
hemsemnye mainan ni....macam tuan dier