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Father’s Day at Kampachi, Pavillion

Haritu father's day we went to Kampachi @ Pavillion for a family dinner...lagipun dah lama tak makan luar sekeluarga...tempat ni best, service pun ok tapi mahal sikit la..Datuk Kand S se family pun ada masa tu, celebrate father's day jugak kot...jom jenguk sini dulu…

DSC_0008 [800x600] Chopstick

Soft Kani Maki RM44 [800x600] Soft Kani Maki RM44 – Crab meat rolls

Beef Tempura Set RM48 [800x600] Beef Tempura Set RM48

Soft Kani Kara RM32 [800x600] Soft Kani Kara RM32 – sof shell crab…yummy, but a bit salty lah…

Chicken Teriyaki RM36 [800x600] Chicken Teriyaki RM36

I paling suka Amir punya Kimono Bento. It has mixture of fruits, fried ebi, rice, telur dadar frills and something kinda like gula+ kelapa...sweet...tapi Amir...he doesn't like it as much...maybe because tak biasa kot...dia tu gila supa-ghetti...(hehehe...nanti I citer dalam entry lain).

Kimono Bento RM22 [800x600]

Cute kan bekas dia?…Feels like taking it home…(as a souvenir, of course)

DSC_0020 [800x600] First tier…ada ebi, chicken ball and lots of fruits

DSC_0021 [800x600] Rice covered with fried egg and sweet shredded frills

Dah makan-makan jangan lupa dessert dia...I love the mochi...tapi dah thing about Jap food is that they are in small portions, balanced diet but they come in a variety. So, makan a little of everything pun dah kenyang.

Abekawa Mochi RM12 [800x600] Abekawa Mochi RM12 – our favourite

Tempura Ice RM15 [800x600] Tempura Ice RM15 – macam ice-cream goreng la..

If you like Jap food, give kampachi a try....I would highly recommend it.

For more info:

Lot 6.09.00, Level 6
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
Bukit Bintang
Tel: 03-21489608
Fax: 03-21482608