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Kenduri Aqeqah Una

Haritu ada kenduri aqeqah for my niece. Organised by my in-laws, the occasion was simple jer...of course, food was one of the main attractions.

DSC_0061 [800x600] Coffee and tea station

DSC_0049 [800x600] Rojak and fruit station

DSC_0074 [800x600] Gulai nanas and ikan kering

DSC_0075 [800x600] Sambal udang yang ‘hot’

DSC_0076 [800x600] Ayam masak kicap – for the not-so-brave

DSC_0079 [800x600] Kari kambing qeqah

DSC_0062 [800x600] Our caterer- Kalau minat call Alya Catering Services

DSC_0111 [800x600] Amir looking at what??

DSC_0096 [800x600] Yang diraikan baby Una – such a cutie pie

The food was awesome, especially sambal udang!..and I love the goodie bag for guests prepared by my 'biras' is sooo cute! me some ideas for my new baby next year!

DSC_0006 [800x600]Goodie bag for guests

The goodie bag comprised a chocolate and Asma-ul-husna little booklet. The chocolate tastes like Kandos but the best part is the wrapper! I love the colourful and creative design…. If you like it and have Facebook account, you can search for Chocolate Wrapper to have a look. The price is reasonable, only RM2 as compared to other established brands that charge for RM4 per piece.


Mohammad Alias said…
i pun suka sambal udang tu....masyuk