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Almiraz Popiah

Yesterday I made fried popiah with chicken filling for buka puasa. At first, a colleague wrote in FB whether to have popiah or kuih ketayap and so suddenly it struck my mind that popiah would be nice for berbuka....hehe...Gambar sekadar hiasan from hereAmong the hurdles were, A. Kulit popiah not available at home B. Don't know recipe and C. Ayam belum keluar dari freezer. So, I asked my dad to buy the kulit popiah and chicken fillet. His response was, "I don't know how kulit popiah looks like". Ok, finally, my younger brother bought it but the the round shape ones...oklah kot, I thot...these solved A and C.For B, I Googled and Googled and wasn't quite satisfied that that's the one recipe I was looking for (macam pandai jer....). Anyway, after sometime, and after taking bits and pieces of peoples' recipe, I managed to come out with my own....hehe..Almiraz PopiahKulit popiah
2 chicken fillet (cut into dices)
1 Yellow onion (minced)
1 carrot (grated)…

Kiddos Ride

My son’s favourite past time. Kadang-kadang weekend jer dia tiba-tiba nak pegi The Curve. Masa tu, dah pukul 2 petang ok. Hubby never liked to go shopping complexes petang-petang….susah nak carik parking katanya…so, bermacam-macam alasan lah kitorang bagi kat Amir, among them is The Curve dah nak tutup dah (note: time now is 12 noon)…Last-last kalau dia dah teringin sangat will go to the one in SACC.Sampai orang tu pun dah kenal dengan Amir….(note: pictures ni masa kitorang pegi The Curve – on a work day). Happy giller Amir dapat naik motor kali nih, selaras dengan the t-shirt that he wore.Pilihan kenderaan yang ada…..masyuk pegi hari keje…..takde orang…Amir: And so I choose this one..Amir: Off I goRM3 for 5 minutes and RM5 for 10 minutesNi jugak tempat untuk memujuk Amir kalau dia tak dapat ikut we all pegi wedding/functions. My younger brother will bring him to the one in SACC. Lepas naik ni, dia jadi ok. Kesian pulak bila kena tinggal…..

Yummy Kek Batik

The other day when I was feeling hungry for a bon bon chocolate, I made these....Nak try my recipe? (well, actually my aunt's recipe).You will need:
1 cup of sugar
1 cup of Milo
½ cup of Nestum
1 butter (I use Golden Churn)
4 eggs (buang punat putih) and beat them
Biskut Marie
Chocolate powder (I use Van Houten)First, you will have to heat up the butter + sugar. Pukul gula sampai hancur. Then add Milo, Nestum, chocolate powder and kacau lagi...masuk eggs yang dah dipukul tadi....Kacau dan kacau...Pastu, tutup api. Masukkan Biskut Marie tadi (pecah 2 or 4).Letak dalam acuan and press bagi mampat. Next morning, cut and serve to your colleagues. Mmm..heaven...

Kiasu yang sangat worth it: Pureen Warehouse Sale

Lama giller tak update blog...ada connection problem kat umah, plus bulan posa ni cepat ngantok so macam malas nak tunggu load/upload all those crap...

Aritu kitorang gi Pureen warehouse Sale kat PJ jalan 19/1. Fuh, this was our first time coming to this kind of warehouse sale. Before this takde gi warehouse sale pun coz both of us tak suka crowded area. But this year, as we plan to save a lot for a new house (*wink *wink) and so we need to budget our baby purchases (like its gonna make a big difference). Most probably our tiny baby is boy so kat situ dah save banyak coz we don't need to spend so much on clothing. Plus, we wanted to experience the hassle and crowd of people rummaging baby clothes and fight for baby stuffs hehe....(crazy!).

We went out at 8am, Amir kena tinggal rumah coz we didn't want him to become sardin balik kang. And so we arrived at 8.30 ish. Orang dah ramai ok. We parked at a proper parking area RM2.00 per hour (perhatian, tepi jalan dah penuh). So, tungg…

Chick Lit during pregnancy and confinement

When I got pregnant with Amir I was like any other mom-to-be; full of curiosity and wanting to know anything about being pregnant, labour and confinement. Most of the time, Google would be my source and talking to people with experiences, but there are books that can be helpful for future parents, and these books usually cost a bomb...kan?

So in the end, I just settled for a light reading, chick lit which requires no analysing, worrying nor excessive money to spend on.

I read Stand and Deliver during my first pregnancy. This book is all about what you want in labour and how you want it to be, something like a birthplan, it's like there are so many options for you to choose for labour and how you can enjoy being in's actually a funny book..give it a try if you want to read funny labour stories.

Then during confinement, my favourite author issued her new book Shopaholic and Baby. Well, for Sophie Kinsella fans, this book memang ditunggu-tunggu and it was right …