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Chick Lit during pregnancy and confinement

When I got pregnant with Amir I was like any other mom-to-be; full of curiosity and wanting to know anything about being pregnant, labour and confinement. Most of the time, Google would be my source and talking to people with experiences, but there are books that can be helpful for future parents, and these books usually cost a bomb...kan?

So in the end, I just settled for a light reading, chick lit which requires no analysing, worrying nor excessive money to spend on.

I read Stand and Deliver during my first pregnancy. This book is all about what you want in labour and how you want it to be, something like a birthplan, it's like there are so many options for you to choose for labour and how you can enjoy being in's actually a funny book..give it a try if you want to read funny labour stories.

Then during confinement, my favourite author issued her new book Shopaholic and Baby. Well, for Sophie Kinsella fans, this book memang ditunggu-tunggu and it was right timing for me coz I just gave birth masa tu. Need i say more about this book?....Fans would know...this book is so entertaining. I enjoyed it so much.

Now for my second pregnancy, I read Skinny Bitch Bun in the Oven. I have never read Skinny Bitch series before but because I'm pregnant, I needed something to read and relate to....and so I chose this book. This book is not about how you can be skinny while pregnant but it's loaded with warnings and dangers of what you can and can't eat during pregnancy. Facts are supported with data and the authors strongly supports pregnant women to be vegetarian/eat organic food and breastfeeding. Put in a funny and cynical way so much so that pregnant women would not not worry too much.For my confinement soon, I already booked Sophie Kinsella's latest book Mini Shopaholic due to be out September this year. I'm so excited about this book. Again, I would have another amazing story from Sophie during my confinement (itupun kalau sempat, kalau tak, maybe dah baca dulu baru baby keluar...kih kih)....anyway, I'm looking forward for this...

Lagi?...what are other books that I should read? Any ideas?


Pregnancy Books said…
there were very few pregnancy books that i found particularly helpful, but i did enjoy "stand and deliver" :)
Almiraz said…
Yeah, I enjoyed "Stand & Deliver" fact I'm reading it again now...hehe...thanks for visiting my humble blog