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Yummy Kek Batik

The other day when I was feeling hungry for a bon bon chocolate, I made these....

DSC_0023 [800x600] [800x600]

DSC_0022 [800x600] [800x600]

Nak try my recipe? (well, actually my aunt's recipe).

You will need:
1 cup of sugar
1 cup of Milo
½ cup of Nestum
1 butter (I use Golden Churn)
4 eggs (buang punat putih) and beat them
Biskut Marie
Chocolate powder (I use Van Houten)

First, you will have to heat up the butter + sugar. Pukul gula sampai hancur. Then add Milo, Nestum, chocolate powder and kacau lagi...masuk eggs yang dah dipukul tadi....Kacau dan kacau...Pastu, tutup api. Masukkan Biskut Marie tadi (pecah 2 or 4).

Letak dalam acuan and press bagi mampat. Next morning, cut and serve to your colleagues. Mmm..heaven...DSC_0021 [800x600] [800x600]