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Hantaran tunang adiq

Last two weeks we all went to Melaka for rombongan pertunangan my younger brother…Just a simple ceremony of tunang…with hantaran 5 berbalas 7…..My mom kata orang tunang takde hantar sirih junjung tapi tepak sireh….tepak sireh ni disewa from a shop in Plaza Masalam…nice kan?Tepak sirehClose up tepak sirehBarang-barang lain simple-simple jer…macam kek,…mom ordered kek lapis sarawak yg best di dunia…’kek lapis cadbury-oren’…kek ni memang our favourite sangat…Kek dihiasi flowersSepasang kain (untuk dibuat baju) and telekung…both letak dalam box macam ni jer…Kotak senangA basket of fruits……yang ni I was in charge…mula-mula tu carik buah kat Giant lah, Grocer Village lah…tapi semuanya tak best sampai la I Googled and found MBG Fruit Shop…walhal kedai MBG ni merata-rata kat Shah Alam kan…so, situ memang heaven for fruits…macam-macam buah ada…so my mom and I bought Australia’s Sweet Navel Orange (perghhh….orange ni memang best di dunia ok…tak masam macam Sunkist langsung!…manis jer manjang…),…

Of heater, air cond, ice cubes and sweat

Being 8 months ++ pregnant is like being a heater. I feel hot all the time. Nothing beats a full blast air-cond, all day, be it in office, home or in a car. Feels like installing air-cond in my mom’s kitchen too. Why? Because that’s the hottest place at home. But yeah, I could not put air-cond in the kitchen, it’s kinda weird coz normally the food smell would be stuck to our clothes. basically, no ventilation. I mean, how many people put air-cond in their kitchen? maybe ada la but generally in Malaysia kureng la kan…It’s totally different when I was in the UK. The kitchen was the coolest place. Reason: No heater in the kitchen, well, maybe ada tapi tak pernah rasa pun…it was still cold…brrr….how I wish I am in UK at this 8 months + pregnant.Ok, back to Malaysia, because the weather is so hot, I always resort to iced drinks even for breakfast. I know it is not good but thinking that I won’t be able to have iced drinks during confinement and 6 months after, I even munch the ice cubes no…

Red Velvet Cake

I first ate this tantalizing cake at my aunt’s house, for her son’s birthday. Then, on my mom-in-law (MIL) open-house last week, I ordered it because I just could not resist the taste (even the one in Delicious pun kalah ok).The cakeMula-mula potong untuk disimpan dulu…kang habis, haru jer…A slice of it…yum yum…Yummy sangat…tengok je lah gaya Amir….he likes it too…Mmmm…sehingga menutup mata…“Pada pendapat saya…memang best lah kek ni……nanti beli lagi ye ibu…”The baker who made this marvelous cake lives in Ampang and she usually bake for Petronas functions/staff orders. if you wanna try, let me know and I will refer you to her…..