Wedding Wish Tree: Hanging Hearts

I have done a love wish tree for my brothers' wedding! Yay!. My imagination came true. I love doing this! Would do more if I have the opportunity.

Lets start with the wish cards. Since the theme for the wedding card was hanging hearts, so I thought it would be best if the wish cards are heart shaped rather than normal card shape. I worked way before the wedding, prepared the love cards from scratch (I used a picture frame as a shaper and trace it on A1 sized papers - silver, red and cream colour) and attached them with strings. I did it with Amir. He was so excited helping me with them.

IMG_0941  Wish tree cards: Hanging hearts

For the guest book, I bought 2 black books. It was easier than DIY-ing the books, I was short of time by the way. Initially I wanted to make an accordian book but I did not have time so just dealt with 2 empty black books in which I decorated them with ribbons and chip board letters. Easy peasy.

The decoration for table was easy. I didn't want it to look too busy. I found some canvas letters from Typo, spelt W-I-S-H-E-S, a wooden heart shape wall deco, a vintage suit case which I bought from Lovely Lace and bought Christmas lights (white colour) from a DIY shop. For the table cloth, I bought 2 metres of beige/cream coloured damask/Victorian print from Jakel (bidang 110"). The flowers, I used my mom's....heheheh..

IMG_1130  Canvas letters from Typo

IMG_1045  Heart shaped wooden wall deco

IMG_1160  Vintage luggage bag from Lovely Lace and flowers from mom’s house 

The branch was the most important thing, without it, there was no wish tree or what tree. My dear hubby was the one who woke up early on a Sunday morning to chop the branch that we spotted. Er.. don't worry, it was not originally with leaves and everything. It was dying so we saved it and transformed it into something nice and useful (alasan).

IMG_1161  Tengah bersusah payah menyiapkan wish tree

So, the final set up was like this: (Gambar kecik, I know…tak sempat langsung nak amik gambar pakai DSLR, mak bizi….)

IMG_1159  Wish tree

IMG_1131 Used chalkboard for the deco as well

IMG_1132  Ramai jugak yang tulis wishes

IMG_1129  Polaroid pun ada gak

IMG_1128  Me and hubs; I could fit in my engagement dress..woooohoooo!!

IMG_1133  More family pictures on polaroid

I love it when guests drop by to write their wishes, and love the way they were pleased with it and taking pictures at the wish tree. I feel satisfied (chewah), coz they were all happy!

After the event, me and Amir pasted all their wishes in the guest book.

IMG_1179  Tampal wish cards dalam guest book

So, do you want to hire me? I can propose a different type of wish tree pulak………heheheheh...

Wordless Wednesday v.10: Hantaran kahwin Tuwin & Shaza












IMG_0525 IMG_0518


Tuwin dah kawin (part 2): Reception in Dewan Persada Johor

The reception dinner was held in Dewan Persada Johor (just across our hotel). There were cocktail drinks (of course soft drinks ek, bukanla margarita ke apa) just outside the hall. Lepak sampai ramai orang tetiba there was an announcement just outside the entrance. The announcement was made by a 'hulubalang' (messenger) sort of like in the olden days during Hang Tuah time. So coool!!...

IMG_1069  Pengumuman dari hulubalang

And so we went in and after a while, the Bride was carried by a 'tandu' (really don't know what's its called in English)...sampai ke pelamin, followed by the groom joining his bride at the dais. Really awesome!....We were entertained by professional dancers all the way and traditional Malay songs.

IMG_1075  Penari lelaki heeh..

The atmosphere and the feeling was all like in the olden days. The food was great too.

IMG_1085  A view before the dinner

Finally, when the event was done, there was a joget Melayu session (something like dance - kalu ikut style omputih). Me and Amir joined the dance crowd. It was really fun!

Congratulations my dear brother and Shaza!... Hope you have cute babies and happy life until the rest of your lives.

IMG_1083  Pengantin baru

Tuwin dah kawin (part 1): Nikah di JB

My brother dah selamat bernikah dengan wife dia last week. Our whole family entourage telah turun ke JB for the nikah ceremony at the bride's house. The whole set up and hospitality were beyond words. Nikah diorang pukul 8 malam, when we arrived, we were welcomed by professional dancers and fireworks...fuh!...Amir and Amar were in awe for the few seconds of the fireworks.

IMG_1096  Fireworks

IMG_1095  Penari-penari


Dah settle, we all masuk je tanpa kena tol. Wah, ini sudah bagus sebab my brother beriya-iya siapkan duit tapi takde tol, so save sikit la kat situ..

Bila masuk, wow wow we were in awe again sebab pelamin dia lawa sangat!!..(tapi gambar yang I amik tak lawa)…..the dais was so grand and so glittery...Pengantin pun comey..

IMG_1099 Pelamin glittery

IMG_1062  ”Berpeluh I kena interrogate ngan tok kadi…”

IMG_1059  Pengantin perempuan

Makan pun best, hospitality pun best and souvenir pun best! All in all, it was an awesome night!

IMG_1114  Souvenir nikah and wedding in JB

Lunch @TGI Friday’s Pavilion

Last week we had TGI. It has been quite sometime. Actually my hubby and I tak berapa minat sangat kat TGI ni sebab mahal pastu steak dia mesti keras (based on past experiences la)....anyway, since we didn't know what to eat, we just went to TGI for lunch.

What we ordered:

IMG_1008 Bacon Cheese Burger RM22.90

IMG_1007 New York Strip Steak RM50.90

IMG_1009 Kid Banger RM11

I think TGI should offer FREE kids meal with every purchase of a main course meal. I mean, isn't it logical to offer that deal? Ntahla, I just think they should, in order to be competitive.

Anyway, ada story kat TGI Pavilion ni. Seronok kitorang satu family makan-makan sampai tertinggal set sudu Amar. Sampai dah 2 hari baru ingat bahawasanya I tetinggal sudu tu. I dah sedih-sedih sebab set sudu tu dah tak jual lagi kat sini. Tapi, nak jugak tangan ni gatal pi call TGI and just nak tanya ada ke set sudu baby. Rupa-rupanya diorang simpan sudu tu....yay!!! Yippie!!...punyalah happy...tak sangka pulak diorang bersungguh-sungguh I keluar opis masa lunch semata-mata nak amik set sudu tu...

I really appreciate TGI's hospitality in terms of this. At least for now, I am fond of TGI Pavi....hehehe

Johor Premium Outlet (JPO)

Finally an 'outlet' to release the inner desire of I-want-to-buy-but-its-very-expensive feeling. Malaysia's first outlet, Johor Premium Outlet (JPO) is to me ala-ala Cheshire Oaks in UK. It has just opened to public on 1 December 2011.

We came from JB so bukak Googlemap and carik Kulaijaya. Ikut punya ikut rupanya map kasi jalan dalam. Should have just gone and followed my dad coz diorang guna highway and sampai dulu. For further instructions on how to get there, you can see here.

When we arrived (at about 11 am), cars were starting to queue at the entrance and people just starting to swarm the shops.

IMG_1077 People swarming JPO

IMG_1078 Store guide

Ok, maybe, maybe the timing we went there was not good; with school holidays and what not in December. There was a sea of people, mostly Singaporeans....most of the time, I 'berlaga bontot' dengan orang bila dalam kedai. The queue to enter Coach and Burberry were jampacked with people, which I wasn't too hyped with (sebab even dah marked down pun tak mampu nak beli).

IMG_1080 The queue for Coach

So I was more into Charles and Keith Reductions and GAP. Oh wow! GAP memang sangat best, it was like; I can afford to buy them coz satu baju yg harga RM60-RM80 jadi RM30.....wah apa lagi, mak grab je apa yg lawa.!! Masa tu I saw a cute orange rain jacket which I thougt perfect for Amar, terus ambik sebab dah tinggal 2 helai. Lepas I ambik tu, ada 2 dads tengah berebut jacket yang tinggal...nasib. Ini gambar Amar modelkan jaket yang dibeli.

IMG_1110 GAP baby raincoat

We did not have lunch there coz there were too many people. Padahal sebenarnya it would be very convenient  makan kat situ before we headed back to KL. Sungguh ramai orang tak bleh blah. Terlalu ramai sampai kan I takut nak masuk toilet sebab mesti horror kalau dah reramai orang camni. But, the toilets are clean (sebab baru kan...or maybe sebab pagi lagi...could be worse in the evening...hahahah). Ni gambar kat cafe dia...not bad...

DSC_0016 JPO cafe

Somehow, kita memang suka warehouse sale/outlets ni suma kan?...masa kat UK dulu mat saleh ni tak heran la dengan sale kat outlet ni (maybe I pegi time tak sale kot) kita orang Melayu ni syok je shopping takde orang...

Anyway, overall, should you nak feeling shopping kat JPO, please do come during the non-peak season for full shopping satisfaction. One day I would go again and have a calm stroll looking at items on sale (yeah right)....

Site visit

I have worked a job that is so stressful, I didn't see my first son for 1 week, and mind you, it was not an outstation job. I just got to see him whenever he sleeps. Every single day of that week I came back home at 4 or 4.30 am and then to office at 9 the next day. I was so stressed and I thought 'that was it, I have to resign.

However, sometimes, there is a bit of 'fun' in this industry of working in client's office. Not so much of fun, but I basically know the 'truth' or have the experience being in client's office so long that it enables me to assess whether I am fit or not in the organisation.When I say fit, I mean whether I like it or love it, whether the environment and people there are nice or I thought 'could this be my next employer?', 'office ni ada bilik menyusu ke tak?', 'surau dia best ke tak?' and a whole load of questions. However, most of the time, memang taklah kan...mesti ada je yang tak kena dengan company tu. Dari bos yang berkira, sampailah ke tandas yang euwwww. Have you ever wish that when you come for an interview, the employer allows you to tour the office and let you see whether you like their office or not?....This is exactly what I mean. Kita apply kerja but totally not knowing what's in store for us. Kita impress potential employer but very rarely employer impress kita. Yes, I know, employer tak perlu impress kita sebab kita yang nak kat dia but still, they are not the best employer anyway.

Oklah, cukup lah bebel (tetiba pissed pulak). Actually I just wanted to share some site visit pictures when I was in the 'stress' job tuh....

Estate visit….(but couldn’t find the pics, cuma ada gambar siput gonggong jer…lerrr). Awesome 1 week working with estate people (oh, masa ni tak kawin lagi so suka betul kalau dapat pegi visit sana sini). Tiap-tiap hari 1 week tu client belanja. Stayed 1 week in guest house (don't get me started on the eerie stories about the guest house). 1 week no internet. I think cukuplah 1 week no internet.

Siput_Gonggong Siput Gonggong

Company ni buat modern design office furniture. I had the opportunity to observe the production line.

P1020647 Parts of a table

Site visits were sometimes not fun and can be smelly too, like this. Wadehel is that la kan?..Rubber..busuk yang amat. Tak tahan!!! Ada hanjing sana sini, sabar je, nasib 1 week and masa tu tengah 'time of the month.’.

Rubber Pile of rubber

I’m sure I have more pictures, tapi takpe, maybe next time I bebel lagi pasal keje dulu (keje sekarang takleh..bahaya…hehehe).

Wordless Wednesday v.9: Would you buy this?

IMG_0999 Handbag hanger

I have a bunch. Let me know if you are interested.

Delectables Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

If you have been reading my blog, you will know that I don't quite like macarons (the one I had in Harrods, KLCC - you can read about it here). And you will know that I was dying to try the Delectables Treats by Su. Finally the day came, and I bought something from Delectables…yeehaw!

IMG_1013 Delectable Treats by Su 

The stall is situated in level 6, a cute stall with cute deco. Some of the snaps I took:

IMG_1016 The selection of desserts on sale

IMG_1014 Christmas 2011 deco

IMG_1015 Blur sikit gambar ni…excited jap

I bought a giant macaron, a light pink giant macaron…heheheheh….

IMG_1010Delectable Treats packaging

IMG_1035Giant macaron

This is sooooooooooo nice if you compare it with the Harrods macarons. So nice. It has got a pinch taste of salt and the sweetness of chocolate and none of strawberry taste (although the colour is pink).

IMG_1037 Total yummyness of giant macaron

I would definitely visit Delectables again. They have so many desserts and I plan to try them one by one.....

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