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Momiji Enamel keyring birthday present

My brother-in-law’s wife (my biras) loves Momiji so much. She has like tonnes of the Momiji dolls in her collection. Whatever the Momiji, you name it, she’s got it. Kak Mel, I know you have this too right?

party girledited [800x600]Momiji Party Girl

So for her birthday, I decided to give her a Momiji keyring as a present. Walaupun harga dia tak mahal, tapi sebab it’s a Momiji, I love it and I hope she loves it too….

Kmeledited [800x600] Momiji Birthday Girl

Then sebab I ni cepat addicted dengan kawaii stuffs, I decided to grab the whole collection and give it to special ladies (friends/biras/sis-in-law) as their birthday presents… and keep one for myself…

shazaedited [800x600] Momiji Lucky (p/s: Amir yang pilih ni tau…)

YEE HAedited [800x600]Momiji Yee Haa

Rienedited [800x600] Momiji Best Friends

Yang ni pulak I punya….

Mineedited [800x600]

Momiji Happy Birthday

Tunggu March birthday sapa pulak…hehe….


Coffee Mama said…
Comey la...Nak jugak!hehe..

pssstt: ni my trial blog

Almiraz said…
Mohammad Alias, ni untuk perempuan sahaja lah...

Coffee Mama: Tunggu....u are in my list of recepients...cheh macam nak bagi pingat darjah kebesaran jer...hehe