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Cukur rambut masuk KLUE

Two weeks after the Aqiqah occasion; only then we had the time to actually shave baby Amar’s head. My dear hubby, as a doting father, had the honour to shave his son’s head. At first, we thought it would be easy peasy….coz Amir was quite easy last time (but that time it was my FIL who shaved Amir’s head).At first, I was the one who held Amar…but then he kept on moving so I could not continue with it. My brother then held him while I recorded and took pictures of the session. Look at the pics…Mula-mula cukur belakang dulu…Dah start nangis dah….Lepak jap…Kasi puting dulu…Ku pasrah ajelah…The best part was, my brother’s fiance’ took the pictures and uploaded 2 pictures via FB and twitter, which were included the KLUE magazine’s website. See the screenshot of them below: Have a great day ahead…

Majlis Aqiqah Amar

So, after a hard day work of preparing for the aqiqah, the day finally arrived. That morning, I went to pick up balloons (for deco) with Amir…we went out at nine something without breakfast and it was a big mistake coz Amir got stomach ache and almost vomit in front of the hall as soon as we arrived home. Later, I suap dia roti with garlic spread (it was his choice) then dah ok dah…Sian anak ibu nih…As for the Aqiqah deco, I did it myself with the help of hubby and a few balloons. Actually I surveyed the price for pelamin Aqiqah…. and most of them are over my budget (RM500 above)..Then I thought, why not I do it myself since it is just a half day occasion…I taknak spend my money kat tadaaaa!!Hiasan for aqiqah…cantik tak?Most of the deco is my mom’s ….I cuma amik n letak-letak jer…itulah yang dinamakan hiasan ‘asal boleh’….The marhaban was performed by KAWAN (a group of veteran artists now involved in berzanji). Most of them came 4 years ago when we had aqiqah for Amir…they we…

Aqiqah preparations

Last week we had Majlis Aqiqah for my dear Amar. Aqiqah is an occasion where an animal (usually a sheep for baby girl and two sheep for baby boy) that is slaughtered on the occasion when the hair of a new born is shaved. The performance of aqiqah is sunnah muakkkadah (highly encouraged). It is to be performed by the parents or the guardians of the child, the best would be on the seventh day after the birth of the baby. But, because I was on confinement during the seventh day, we decided to hold it until both my baby and I are well. All family members helped out a day before the occasion, including my dear Amir.Adiq-qoo and Amir tolong bersihkan daun keringHubby preparing the Moses basket (he sewed the flowers to the basket…I’m proud of you honey!)Dr and fiance tolong buat kids goodiesNi hasil Dr, fiance and AmirChocolate Oreo (Coklatmanis2u)Teddy bear Choc (Coklatmanis2u)Kain batik for the ladies and marhaban group (my mom sponsor)Yasin (bought from Mydin – sponsored by Cikdah)Yummy b…

Gila Moscot

My hubby is Moscot crazy…..apart from gadgets, and vintage items, banyak lagilah dia minat…Haritu masa CNY sempat jugak dia gi Singapore memuaskan hatinya membeli Moscot….I tengok, oklah spec tu….sorry hubby, I tak pandai nak appreciate…Lemtosh Moscot OriginalsHarganya…well takde lah sampai ribu-riban…just that fashion macam ala-ala Rayban Wayfarer memang menjadi pujaannya!Menurut En.suami, Moscot kepunyaannya adalah model Lemtosh Moscot Original...celebrities yang pakai specs ni antaranya Johnny Depp......for further details, you can click here

Hantaran tunang Tuwin

Ish lamanya tak update blog…gatal je tangan nak update tapi tak berkesempatan, ni baru ada masa skit…just nak share with you all gambar hantaran tunang my brother (yang Dr tu)….masa cuti CNY hari tu…Majlis pertunangannya telah diadakan di JB….kita tengok gambar je k…tema we all brown/gold while tema from the girl’s side was white/pink….alhamdulillah semuanya selamat…Tepak sirih (pinjam my aunty punya) – letak cincin sekali iPhone 4 Kain pasang untuk nikahKasutChocolatesFerragamo perfume setFerragamo for menTempat cincin untuk lelaki (cincin dah amik)iPhone 4Kasut TodsChocolate PatchiKain baju melayuAl-QuranSongket untuk lelakiI tak berkesempatan nak makan that nite sebab Amar dah lapar and ngantok…last-last biar dia gombeng then dia pun tertidur…Amar tidoTapi takpe, sebab dapat souvenir yang best…Kain batik dalam balangCongrats kepada adik ku…Congrats!!!

My Hardworking Child or Children Contest

Contest closed.
There is a contest run by Transformed Housewife. Since this is her first time organising a contest in her blog, I decided to join and support her coz this is my first time entering a contest in blog…heee~~~1- You have to be my follower in "Transformed Housewife" and "Crazy Abt Contests " blogs. (ok, done)
2- This is open to all Malaysian bloggers. If you are currently residing in other country, please provide an address in Malaysia if you are named one of the winners. (Ok, I’m staying in Malaysia)
3- Please put up the banner at the sidebar and in your entry with the link to this entry. (Ok, done)
4- Choose the best photo of your child/children/nephew/niece/younger brother/younger sister that is/are doing something or busy helping you doing any tasks at home (if you have more than one, submit only one photo that include them all or just choose one of them). (Ok, this is a bit difficult, but I settled for the last picture)
5- Your child/children/nephew/nie…