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Majlis Aqiqah Amar

So, after a hard day work of preparing for the aqiqah, the day finally arrived. That morning, I went to pick up balloons (for deco) with Amir…we went out at nine something without breakfast and it was a big mistake coz Amir got stomach ache and almost vomit in front of the hall as soon as we arrived home. Later, I suap dia roti with garlic spread (it was his choice) then dah ok dah…

DSC_0037 [800x600] Sian anak ibu nih…

As for the Aqiqah deco, I did it myself with the help of hubby and a few balloons. Actually I surveyed the price for pelamin Aqiqah…. and most of them are over my budget (RM500 above)..Then I thought, why not I do it myself since it is just a half day occasion…I taknak spend my money kat tadaaaa!!

DSC_0040 [800x600] Hiasan for aqiqah…cantik tak?

Most of the deco is my mom’s ….I cuma amik n letak-letak jer…itulah yang dinamakan hiasan ‘asal boleh’….

The marhaban was performed by KAWAN (a group of veteran artists now involved in berzanji). Most of them came 4 years ago when we had aqiqah for Amir…they were delighted to meet us again…

DSC_0109 [800x600]Endoi session

Amar was cool the whole time except when the marhaban session where he cried coz he was tired and sleepy…For the endoi session he was awakened by the berzanji and then he could not sleep again…luckily he did not cry again but just stayed cool in the Moses basket..

And of course, food is a must…that was also another attraction…hehe…the sheep…memang tasty…kambing golek yang sedap giller…oh yeah, my aunty cikdah also made green cordial…memang sedap!!

DSC_0130 [800x600]Kambing golek stall

When it was over, we tidied up mom’s house…Amir’s balloons were still up!…..Seriously he wouldn’t let anyone take the balloons. There was a scene where my cousin just took the balloons out without my permission and my dear Amir terus je pegi amik balik balloons tu…dia kata nih untuk hiasan la…takde sapa boleh amik…hah amik ko!

DSC_0134 [800x600] Abang yang otai

The best part organising majlis Aqiqah is that the baby gets money and presents, so safe la nak beli toys or clothes for him…hehehe…I hope Amar will get to see the picture below and think…"thanx mom and dad for doing this for me..”……..heheheh

DSC_0139 [800x600] Adik amar touching his presents