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MAC and Wonder Woman…..and me

Eversince I missed M.A.C's Hello Kitty Collection for Spring 2009, I vowed to myself that I would never miss M.A.C's limited edition collection again. Not that I would buy everything that they offer but just to have a feel of the limited edition collection.So last 2 weeks there's this MAC Wonder Woman Colour for Spring 2011. Picture fromMAC Official websiteI got to know this from an sms from MAC. That moment I straight away called them for a test make up session. And so my family and I went to MAC on one of the Sundays in KLCC. The test was done by Charlie and she really did an awesome job. My hubby loves how my eyes glow with the colour that she used for my eyes area. Since me and hubs love it, I bought the Wonder Woman Eyeshadow X4: Defiance, a Wonder Woman Lipglass and a MAC liquid eyeliner. So after the make up session I should look like this:Defiance tone. Picture source fromMAC official websiteNah, I didn’t look like that but I was excited though coz it was the firs…

March Momiji

Finally we reached the month of March…and guess who’s the lucky owner of my Momiji collection? Its……….none other than……----izyahya!!! Happy Birthday Iz!!!

Las Vacas Meat Shop

As meat lovers, we must redeem the unsatisfactory steak we previously had in GBWSA. Read about it here. And so we went to Las Vacas Meat Shop situated in Kelana Jaya (in front of FAM building). Its within the shop lots (behind it).The place looks normal. But the steak was...awesome, yummy, marvelous!!! They are not as expensive as the ones we had in El Fresco Italian Kitchen (see my entry about it here). The meat was super tender and juicy. Everyone agreed that the steak was inevitable delicious. Even my mom. And of course, my dad loves it.Ribeye Angus yum yumMy lamb burger yum yumGarden saladSalad sauceJust a pic inside the shopThe ambiance insideOk, right now this place is gonna be one of my favourite spot for steaks. If you want to have some super juicy and tender steaks, head to:No.23, Jalan SS 5A/11, Kelana Jaya
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 03 78740711 Fax: 03 78740655OR
LG, Mont Kiara Shoplex
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 6205 2258
Remember, they are closed on Mondays.

Not for meat lovers

We were supposed to celebrate my birthday in Agehan Japanese Restaurant but because it was Valentines Day, the restaurant ran out of meat (beef and chicken) - I know, it's strange but true. So, as meat lovers, (my dad especially), we were of course disappointed and head down to a coffee house nearby. (All the restaurants that we want were fully booked for 'V' Day and some even only sell certain dish/set dish, which was so disappointing).
Anyway, it was not that bad for me to have our birthday dinner there at the coffee house but to the meat lovers, it was really a disappointment. The meat was hard. Some of the food we ordered:The hard steakPasta with lamb shank also hardVietnamese beef noodles – had a pale tasteSalmon with pasta- ok, maybe the salmon was the only attractionAmir’s sate - okMy nasi goreng Ibunda – I loved it!Ais kacang- not recommended
Mom complained to the manager, and as always, gets what she wants. The manager waived the price of the 3 steaks that we ord…

Ole ole dari Korea

My MIL went to Korea for holidays…she went with her friends last month…among the places she went were, Nami Island (tempat filming of Winter Sonata series), Everland (kinda like Disneyland) …then I thought, when will I have the opportunity to go there…..hmmmmm…..jom tengok ole-ole dia bawak for us…Fridge magnetThe green thing is hand cream from Face Shop, uncang emas…huhuToothbrush for AmirEverland paper bagAnd my favourite…sling bag made in Korea…Siap ada madah pulak dalam beg ni…