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Not for meat lovers

We were supposed to celebrate my birthday in Agehan Japanese Restaurant but because it was Valentines Day, the restaurant ran out of meat (beef and chicken) - I know, it's strange but true. So, as meat lovers, (my dad especially), we were of course disappointed and head down to a coffee house nearby. (All the restaurants that we want were fully booked for 'V' Day and some even only sell certain dish/set dish, which was so disappointing).
Anyway, it was not that bad for me to have our birthday dinner there at the coffee house but to the meat lovers, it was really a disappointment. The meat was hard. Some of the food we ordered:

DSC_0145 [800x600] The hard steak

DSC_0148 [800x600] Pasta with lamb shank also hard

DSC_0147 [800x600] Vietnamese beef noodles – had a pale taste

DSC_0153 [800x600] Salmon with pasta- ok, maybe the salmon was the only attraction

DSC_0154 [800x600] Amir’s sate - ok

DSC_0151 [800x600] My nasi goreng Ibunda – I loved it!

DSC_0144 [800x600] Ais kacang- not recommended
Mom complained to the manager, and as always, gets what she wants. The manager waived the price of the 3 steaks that we ordered. Guess we won’t be going there ever, again. Weee~~~~