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Ole ole dari Korea

My MIL went to Korea for holidays…she went with her friends last month…among the places she went were, Nami Island (tempat filming of Winter Sonata series), Everland (kinda like Disneyland) …then I thought, when will I have the opportunity to go there…..hmmmmm…..jom tengok ole-ole dia bawak for us…

DSC_0003 [800x600] Fridge magnet

DSC_0005 [800x600] The green thing is hand cream from Face Shop, uncang emas…huhu

DSC_0002 [800x600] Toothbrush for Amir

DSC_0006 [800x600] Everland paper bag

DSC_0004 [800x600] And my favourite…sling bag made in Korea…

DSC_0001 [800x600]Siap ada madah pulak dalam beg ni…