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A Tutti Frutti affair

I've heard about Tutti Frutti and how delicious it is. And so, I heret hubby and kiddos pegi makan Tutti Frutti...the nearest at my MIL's is in Berjaya Times Square (BTS). Sedap!!….Lepas tu I heret hubby gi kat Sunway Pyramid pulak coz Amir has been on it eversince we had the first one in BTS.RM18 (253 grams, sekali makan) - Seriously, the picture does not do was way better looking..Tapi mahal ok. Tak puas makan lak, sebab tak puas hati kerana mahal dan tak puas makan, I decided to make our own frozen yogurt. And so we went to the Cold Storage situated in lower ground floor and bought a tub of frozen yogurt (RM28.99) (ceh, konon nak buat sendiri la tu)...Another ‘comot’ picture..For the condiments, we bought a can of sliced peaches (RM3.79) and fruit cocktail (RM9.69) Hershey's Chocolate sauce (RM12.69) and chocolate rice (RM6.99). RM62.15 (lebih dari 10 kali makan, heh) it worth it? Nevertheless, I would still want to have another Tutti Frutti....…

Almiraz prawnchicktoast

I don't know why but recently I am so rajin to make minum petang for 3 weekends now. My favourite is cucur ikan bilis...then last week was roti sadin. Today pulak I made hubby's fav. I call it Almiraz prawnchick toast. I learnt this recipe from a Thai chef (I used to work in a Thai-Malay restaurant semasa di perantauan). So here's the recipe:

Dice a bit of prawns and chicken.
Blend some onions,cili api and 1 small garlic... Then blend all together and make like a paste. Next micro dice a few cuts of carrot and mix them all together.

Spread the paste on cuts of bread and fry them in flat pan. Walla!!

Our bit to save the environment

This is our bit to save the environment.

Clockwise from left: Mine, Ira's, Emily's and Jo's

So no more 'tapau'ing. Except if its 'order-order'...oh yeah, ada sorang tu lupa bawak tupperware...


So, dah terjawablah persoalan yang ditanya oleh Izzy and Lina....hehehe

Smartek mini sewing machine

So I always thought that I can do things, like for example when blogwalking I came across a crafty, creative website...then I macam feeling, "Kalau I ada tools macam tu sure I pun boleh buat punya..". But two things I think I can't and I really think these people are really gifted; sewing and baking.
I almost...almost yer..had a passion for sewing when I was in Form 2. Remember Kemahiran Hidup when we had to sew something, or cook nasi ayam or make small bench? Well, as for me I sewed a bag from scratch. It didn't turn out that well. So, enough said. The passion gone into the drain together with 3 turtles I released (I lost interest in having pets too). So, from the scenario above you can analyze that I am not that good in sewing.
But I bought this.

Isn't it crazy? I mean from the reviews of this mini sewing machine, most users complaint that the instructions were not understandable and comprehensive. But I found in youtube a step-by-step guide on how to use this mi…

Medela and me

Medela has been with me eversince I gave birth to my first child. From space-looking cooler bag to sophisticated black cooler bag. From Mini E to Swing. From 'grass-cutter-machine' sound to ' near-silent sound'. From 'one client-office-to-another' to own cubicle and office desk. Yes, I'm a loyal Medela customer.As an international company, I must say that I have received an excellent service here in Malaysia. It all started when my Medela Swing kept on dying everytime I was about to start my pumping session. Even if it successfully starts, it will die within 2-3 minutes.I panicked the first time it happened and I almost wanted to cry everytime it happened again and again. I have been using my Medela Swing for 5 months now.
And so I came to a point of "That's it! I'm gonna have to take a day leave and go to the HQ in Ampang just to fix this thing once and for all." But I called first. A cheery girl named Hidayah answered the call. She told…