Almiraz prawnchicktoast

I don't know why but recently I am so rajin to make minum petang for 3 weekends now. My favourite is cucur ikan bilis...then last week was roti sadin. Today pulak I made hubby's fav. I call it Almiraz prawnchick toast. I learnt this recipe from a Thai chef (I used to work in a Thai-Malay restaurant semasa di perantauan). So here's the recipe:

Dice a bit of prawns and chicken.
Blend some onions,cili api and 1 small garlic... Then blend all together and make like a paste. Next micro dice a few cuts of carrot and mix them all together.

Spread the paste on cuts of bread and fry them in flat pan. Walla!!

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Coffee Mama said...

Wahh!Menarik nie...Nak kena cuba ni :-) I loike resepi simple2 ni..hehehe

Melida said...


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