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Barang bawah katil

Haha....sekarang dah mula cuti sekolah maka banyak lah kenduri kahwin akan berlangsung...kalau kenduri kawin yang kena pegi tu, biasanya I will just recycle barang bawah katil... Hah?..Apa itu barang bawah katil?...ia adalah a collection of our wedding gifts (which are unopened and some are good stuffs, some are expensive yo!) but normally kalau ikut hukum 'first-in first-out', barang yang akan diberi adalah yang kureng disukai...(macam BUKAN hukum first in first out jer...) anyway, kalau kenduri kahwin kawan rapat, memang hadiah bukannya dari sini ok, this applies only for those yang tak rapat, yang tak kenal punya....heheh....... Gambar Google jerKenapa bagi barang bawah katil? Ia adalah kerana pelbagai sebab. Sebab yang sangat selalu ialah, tak sempat nak beli hadiah or "eh, tiba-tiba ada wedding ker?"....ini memang mengundang untuk mengambil barang bawah katil. Bagaimana meng-cover bahawa ia adalah barang bawah katil? Haha senang jer, beli lah wrapping paper yang…

Someone out of town by Yuna

I'm so in love with this song by Yuna now. I keep on listening to it over and over again. And, I managed to write down the lyrics below (if you are interested). The lyrics could be wrong here or there but this was solely based on my repetitive act of listening this marvelous song. (Bila lah ada chance nak tengok Yuna perform live ni?). Anyway, here goes the DIY lyrics. Verse 1
Ohh My God I see you clearly now
In my dreams you're here with me somehow
Call my name and I will make a sound
I'm in love with someone out of town Chorus:
Who is this stranger
I should be scared could be dangerous
I should prepare for this
I wish I didn't fall so hard for youuuuu Dap pararap pararap dar parara darp Verse 2
You walk by but don't see me
Slow motion and so gracefully
Be my friend and I'll show you around
I'm in love with someone out of townnnn Ulang Chorus And click here the video I took from youtube

Macarons Harrods KLCC and Qoo

Yes, this is my first time eating macarons from Harrods....but not the Harrods in London..heheh.....just here in KLCC lah....Macarons Harrods KLCCThey look so colourful aren't they? That 6 piece of roundies costed me RM18...which is RM3 small yet so expensive....At first, I did not want to eat it, nak buat deco jer (coz colourful sangat) but in the end after lunch, after 4 hours, I'm craving for them. And so, I took the orange one and tasted was ok....and then the chocolate one. OMG yang cokelat itew sangat sedap hokeyyy...... but the other colours just scored fairly based on my tongue standards lah....It's like, I wanted to have more after I had the chocolate one but when I took another colour the passion just stopped. And then I did not want any of them anymore. Kenapa yek?....I just don't know. I should just buy all 6 chocolates, baru puas hati. But mana I tau kan? Nevermind, because this is my first time eating macarons, I'll just take it as a…

Whatsapp jer

Iye, itulah term kitorang sekarang....for your info, WhatsApp Messenger is the mobile messaging app that allows users to exchange messages with contacts using the internet without needing to pay for SMS. I like this because I don't have to pay for every 'ok' and 'hmm' that I sent. I like this chatting kinda thing in my phone. Its anytime, anywhere...(tapi mesti ada connection la). And, the best thing is I can contact my hubby without pressing 'call' (tapi kalau urgent tu, terus call je la kan). Now, Whatsapp even have group chat so it's even more exciting coz kalau ada gossip, cakap sekali jer semua orang tau, no need to rewind dua tiga kali.It all started with my Dr. brother....he is the first Mac user at home, followed by hubby....lepas tu, dah jangkit kat semua ahli keluarga. Bila nak makan pun, Whatsapp jer, senang...tak payah nak terpekik -pekik, baby Amar selalu terkejut nengok mak dia apsal la asyik jerit jer... Dengan whatsapp juge I can send pi…

May Momiji

Yes, we meet again and its the month of May (err already mid-May)...anyway, I am glad to announce the lucky birthday girl for my Momiji collection. Its Stillida!!!I hope you like it Ida. Yes guys, please do visit her blog. She can be funny sometimes.

Antara Check in dan Tagging

Sekarang ni rata-rata mereka yang guna smart phone suka check-in mana-mana mereka pergi. For example, you check-in into a place say a famous eatery or in shopping malls or like a friend I know who loves to check-in into a 'private place' (errmm you know like really private). Anyway, I am just not a fan of checking in places but sometimes I do check-in when I feel like it. Sometimes people love to check-in because they want to be the 'mayor' of that place (if using foursquare) and sometimes some people just want to tell friends on FB and Twitter that they are here and there. Checking-in excessively may cause you trouble coz people know where you are and where will you be. So this information may warrant some 'friends' to stalk you or may lead to dangerous situations of kidnap or killing but, in most cases, its just for fun. Even though I am not a fan of this, I have a good story to tell. One day I checked-in with hubby in a famous shopping mall. Our old friend i…

Old Medela Mini E story

Yay! My Medela Mini E is still in excellent condition. I got it checked and serviced at Medela UOA Bangsar. When it was put on for the first time since 4+ years, there it was, the 'potong rumput' sound was there but there was no suction. It did not work until Nurul changed the valve (Nurul is the technician there). But I was not convinced as there seemed to be nothing wrong with it. Until Nurul showed me that the valve is broken. The valve is such a small yellow thing but it has a major role in making the machine works. I am so happy now that I can let go my old Medela with a peaceful mind (rasa seronok dpt tolong ibu-ibu yang menyusu ni). Medela Mini EI am glad that I am able to help another mom who cannot afford to buy a brand new Medela which costs around RM400 to RM1,000 ++ So bye bye Mini E. I hope you will be of good use to your new owner.

My best friend: Amway Polishing Scrub

Ok, I am really not a fan of MLM but I must admit that my only existent facial scrub is an Amway product (Artistry Essentials - polishing scrub).

I used to use St. Ives Apricot facial scrub (for years) and then suddenly one nice day the scrub just dissapeared from the market. I could not find it in any leading pharmacy anymore. So I had no choice but to find alternatives.

Macam-macam facial wash I cuba. Kejap Oxywash (too oily), then I tried brand Simple (too neutral - takde effect langsung...mukaku masih berminyak) and then I also tried J&J facial wash, pun masih tak berkesan. So last-last jumpa la produk Amway ni.

And it been with me for approx 5+ years now and still loyal to it. What I like most is the tiny bits of the scrub itself. Its not too hard on my face and I love the smell, so fresh and most importantly I feel my face is clean every time after using it. I love it!