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Antara Check in dan Tagging

Sekarang ni rata-rata mereka yang guna smart phone suka check-in mana-mana mereka pergi. For example, you check-in into a place say a famous eatery or in shopping malls or like a friend I know who loves to check-in into a 'private place' (errmm you know like really private). Anyway, I am just not a fan of checking in places but sometimes I do check-in when I feel like it.

Sometimes people love to check-in because they want to be the 'mayor' of that place (if using foursquare) and sometimes some people just want to tell friends on FB and Twitter that they are here and there.

Checking-in excessively may cause you trouble coz people know where you are and where will you be. So this information may warrant some 'friends' to stalk you or may lead to dangerous situations of kidnap or killing but, in most cases, its just for fun.

Even though I am not a fan of this, I have a good story to tell. One day I checked-in with hubby in a famous shopping mall. Our old friend in FB responded that she and her hubby were there too and guess what, we met, had dinner and chit chat after more than 10 years since our last meet!!!

Another incident was when an old friend sent me a mesage in FB and invited us for a lunch meet (but very short notice so we already had other plans) but we went for the lunch after all because mostly I really wanted to meet them but was so busy and pre-occupied with work and family that I could not find time to meet up with old friends, especially these are old friends who just gave birth.

So, my point is with smartphone and internet in your hands, you can connect with friends faster than the normal rate of logging on to a computer. I mean, like during weekends I don't even touch the computer, so you can imagine that I would just slightly missed meeting them coz I log-in on Monday the next week.

So, ada baiknya check-in nih but I still won't over do it.

As for tagging, I selalu kena yang tag yang nih…tapi I tak suka yang nih.. I suka keropok lekor sagu dari peramu, Kuantan sahaja…

keropok lekor

Now it has become a trend especially if its for MLM. So, if you are annoyed by it, just untag and move on with your life. I think if you untag once, they will not untag you in future. To me, FB is more for business and uploading pictures jerr....I think its getting boring...Well, I don't know, maybe its just me.


Izzy said…
Keropok Lekor Sagu dari Peramu, Kuantan!!! hahahahahaha..!!! nanti i belikan lagi yaaaa
Coffee Mama said…
I'm eager to try the "check-in" apps..Maybe I should...:-)
Almiraz said…
Waaaa..tengkiu...sekali makan boleh habis sebungkus tuh...takyah dinner dah...
Almiraz said…
Coffeemama you should!!